Cameron Diaz and Rocker Benji Madden are Dating?!

Photo credit:   Gettyimages

Photo credit: Gettyimages

Cameron Diaz may have found the newest leading man in her life in musician Benji Madden. The Good Charlotte frontman has been spotted spending a copious amount of time with the 41 year old actress and sources say that they are more than just “good friends”.

Cameron and Benji have been making headlines recently as they have been spotted repeatedly working out at the Los Angeles Equinox. Benji is looking buffer than he has in a long time and Cameron is keeping her body trim. The workout itself isn’t notable, it’s what comes after that has people whispering behind their hands. After these numerous workouts, Benji has been spotted heading back to Cameron’s house. Sources close to Cameron say that she is “very happy” with Benji because he treats her “like a lady” and is very kind.

Benji and Cameron may have Nicole Ritchie to thank for their blossoming romance. Nicole, a former reality star alongside Paris Hilton, has been married to Benji’s twin brother for years. Ritchie is also quite close to Cameron Diaz. Neither celebrity has come out to endorse this new relationship but the signs are all there, and most of them come back from the gym.

An anonymous source from the Equinox said that Benji and Cameron were “very friendly” with each other during their workout. The same source also goes on to say that they appeared to try to avoid being seen with one another when they left the gym. Perhaps there is more going on than meets the eye? Or perhaps they simply don’t want their new romance to hit the tabloids just yet. Either way, the gossip world seems to have caught on to the blooming romance that they were trying so hard to hide. Perhaps Benji will have new fuel and motivation to take the next Good Charlotte record to the next level.

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