‘Shield’ Star Michael Jace Charged In Wife’s Shooting Death

Photo credit:   Gettyimages

Photo credit: Gettyimages

There will likely be no encore performance from actor Michael Jace. The “Shield” actor was arrested on Tuesday and charged in the fatal shooting of his wife. Police believe the murder to be a result of domestic violence and are not currently looking for any other suspects. The murder was called in by Jace himself, Tuesday night, to report that his wife had shot. Several neighbors also called the police after hearing several gunshots.

Jace was booked by police and held on bail for $1 million dollars in Los Angeles and is set to appear in court on Thursday. Jace’s two children were taken by a representative for California’s Department of Children and Family Services. While the actor waits for his day in court we have the time to ask ourselves: just what went wrong?

According to a close friend of Michael’s first wife, Mr. Jace was a man possessed of a terrible temper. The source stated that she had seen Michael physically abuse his first wife on many different occasions back in 1997. The violence included bouts of “choking” and “slamming her head against the wall” while Jace’s son screamed in terror from his crib. The source goes on to say that Jace was constantly “out of control” and that his anger was one of the “most terrifying things” that they had ever seen.

For Michael Jace, and his now deceased wife, this is a tragic event. At one time Michael was the lead in the hit television series, “The Shield”, while also busily working on sets all over Hollywood. April was a financial aid counselor at a private school in California. Reports have surfaced that Jace and his family were under financial stress. They had filed for bankruptcy while citing over $500,000 in backed up debts and also defaulted on their $400,000 mortgage.

At the moment there is no clear motive on why Jace snapped and allegedly murdered his wife. While the details are still being sorted out, we can’t help but shake our head at another senseless death under the bright Hollywood lights.

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