Miranda Kerr: Orlando Bloom & Laura Paine Are ‘Just Friends’

Photo credit:   Gettyimages

Photo credit: Gettyimages

Orlando Bloom and Miranda Kerr shocked the world when they ended their marriage, and they’ve continued to shock fans everywhere as they have maintained a stable relationship to help ease the burden of taking care of their child. So, being that Miranda is still a big part of Orlando’s life, is it any surprise that she has come out to comment on his newest rumored lover? Orlando Bloom has been seen taking in the sights that London has to offer while arm in arm with a beautiful model by the name of Laura Paine. Miranda Kerr quickly tried to dispel any potential rumors by releasing a statement that the two have been “just friends, for years.” Miranda may be partaking in wishful thinking, because it sure looks like a lot more is going on here!

Orlando and his new arm candy were caught strolling all over London before partaking in a nice, romantic, dinner together. Despite the truth that they’d been “friends” for years, it seems like neither person was eager to break contact with each other. Over wine and food they smiled and shared some laughs. Orlando has not publicly come out to try and erase any rumors, despite Kerr’s insistences.

Miranda herself has been busy getting linked with various partners in the tabloids. Her most recent “man” was an Australian billionaire by the name of James Packer. According to reports, the two have been spending a ton of time together. Kerr was quick to dismiss the idea of romance with the man by saying that the media is trying to link her with people she has been friends with “for years”. Kerr went on to say that she only cares about what her close friends and families think and that everyone else is welcome to believe whatever they wish.

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