Jenna Ushkowitz & Michael Trevino Split After 3 Years

Photo credit:   Gettyimages

Photo credit: Gettyimages

Jenna Ushkowitz may be on the lookout for a new leading man in her life as the “Glee” actress has recently announced her split from longtime boyfriend, Michael Trevino. The 28 year old Hollywood starlet was signing autographs at the premier of friend, and “Glee” creator, Ryan Murphy’s newest film “The Normal Heart”, when a reporter asked how she and Michael were doing. Ushkowitz kept her head down and said that “We’re not together anymore.”

Ushkowitz continued to sign autographs at the event and the reporter apologized for asking the question. Jenna responded with a smile saying that it was okay and not to worry about it, she continued on by saying “We’re wonderful”. The phrasing of her responses makes it seem that the split, at the very least, was amicable. The fact that she had no vitriol or tangible negative reaction can lead us to the idea that she either speared the split or wasn’t averse to it.

Jenna and Trevino, who stars on the hit series “Vampire Diaries”, were first unveiled to the world as a couple at the SAG Awards back in 2011. Since then the two have been one of the darling couples in Hollywood with nary a scandal in sight. Their breakup comes as a shock to most of their fans as, for the longest time, they’ve seemed on top of the world. As recently as January, Ushkowitz was still very much in love with her man. She posted an Instagram shot of Trevino with the caption that he was “the one who has taught me how to laugh and love more and more everyday.”

Trevino and Jenna also worked a photoshoot for Tyler Shields and Emma Roberts that seemed to take the internet by storm. Shields called the project “magical” and cited their real life passion for one another as the source.

Michael Trevino has already been rumored to be hooking up with Nina Dobrev. He has otherwise been quiet on the topic.

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