J.Lo’s Boyfriend Accused Of Cheating With Transgendered Woman

Photo credit:   Gettyimages

Photo credit: Gettyimages

No man in Hollywood wants to be the guy that “lost J-Lo” but it appears that young Casper Smart may be on his way toward that dubious title. As the young boy-toy for one of Hollywood’s most beloved Latin actresses, Casper enjoyed a popularity boost through his romance with Jennifer. Now, it appears, he has thrown it all away! A transgendered woman has recently stepped forward to claim that she and Casper have been enjoying a sexual relationship together! The fellow’s name is Sofie Vissa.

The affair allegedly began on Instagram, like so many do nowadays. The couple apparently found each other through their pictures and began to communicate. One thing lead to another and the romance was realized in physical space. This infidelity bombshell was first reported by Nik Richie who says that his fans helped him out the relationship.

Initially Sofie was reluctant to drag Casper’s name out into the public but then realized how much buzz she would receive as a Hollywood home wrecker. Reality television shows have been made out of less, after all!

According to Richie and Sofie, the transgendered woman possesses nude photos of Casper. Sofie is allegedly shopping the photographs around to the highest bidder in an attempt to cash in on their steamy affair.

Jennifer has been largely silent regarding the infidelity as she probably waits for more information to make itself known. Casper has been anything but idle during this time. The man has allegedly been deleting Instagram followers from his account that may be linked to transgendered woman. Smart has also tried to reach out to Richie on several occasions before snapping back into a shell.

As Sofie comes closer to selling the photos, expect more dramatic news from the embattled celebrity couple!

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