Is Ryan Reynolds Jealous and Possessive Of Blake Lively and Why?

Photo credit:   Gettyimages

Photo credit: Gettyimages

For actors Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively, it appears that marriage has been anything but wedded bliss.

Sources say that Reynolds has been literally following Lively around. As she films “The Age of Adaline” in Vancouver, Lively sees that her husband is following her around the set. One source even used the word “possessive” to describe his behavior, which includes showing up at night shoots unannounced.

Apparently, Lively has become quite frustrated with Reynolds, who may fear that her relationship with Michiel Huisman, a co-star, will develop into something more. Whether or not Reynolds is concerned with cheating, Huisman is married and has a baby at home. A representative for Lively said that the claims of any possible relationship dissatisfaction or fears are simply ludicrous. Reynolds’ fears may stem from the fact that he and Lively met on the set of a film, “The Green Lantern.”

Photo credit:   Gettyimages

Photo credit: Gettyimages

Reynolds’ possessive nature is not the only thing the couple argues about. According to sources, Lively loves to shop. Reynolds is financially conservative, but Lively doesn’t see the harm in spending some cash. In fact, rumor has it that excessive spending was the reason Reynolds divorced actress Scarlett Johansson just a few years ago. Still, Lively loves to spend hard-earned money on designer dresses and accessories.

Additionally, the couple appears to be at odds over their family plans. Lively is pushing to spread her wings in the film industry, but Reynolds says he is ready to settle down. One insider claimed that Reynolds is really losing his patience, especially now that he is nearing 40. Still, Lively is in her 20s and does not appear ready to settle down any time soon.

The couple dated for one year before marrying in South Carolina. Reynolds and Lively have been married for two years. Are they done for good or will they work out their differences? Only time will tell.

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