Zach Braff and Taylor Bagley: It’s Over!

Photo credit:   Gettyimages

Photo credit: Gettyimages

Zach Braff and Taylor Bagley have called it quits, done, finito. The former “Scrubs” star reportedly decided to kill the relationship during the preview showings of his new musical, “Bullets Over Broadway”. Taylor had pushed Braff to star in the project and it appeared to be their undoing. While the relationship is now officially over, reports say that the two have plans to stay “friends” and continue that sort of “relationship”, whatever that means.

Sources close to the situation are saying that one of the key reasons behind the breakup was Braff’s reluctance to push forward with a proposal and eventual marriage. Taylor allegedly wanted to get married but Braff was just not having it. Since the official breakup in early April, Zach has been seen hitting the clubs and enjoying the newly single life.

Zach made the breakup official with an announcement through a representative. The representative stated, simply, that “Zach and Taylor broke up over a month ago” and that they were going to “continue their friendship” despite “no longer being a couple”.

The breakup, though quiet and clean, seems to have come as a shock to model Taylor Bagley. Taylor had posted a picture on Instagram of the two celebrities with a caption titled, “Here’s to 5 years my love.” Bagley has been mum since the break-up, only offering that Zach chose to join the new musical because it was a “lifelong dream” of his to be on Broadway.

Zach has been under fire recently for a few questionable moves in the industry. His Kickstarter film, “Wish I Was Here”, received quite a bit of criticism for allegedly taking advantage of fan investments in order to secure a real budget through a traditional production company. Hopefully this break-up stays good natured and both celebrities manage to move on easily.

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