Still Together? Kris Jenner Rocks Her Wedding Ring in Paris

Photo credit:   Gettyimages

Photo credit: Gettyimages

The “are they” or “aren’t they” saga continues to reign over Bruce and Kris as the ‘couple’ continues to send mixed signals to the media. The most recent storm of confusion comes on the heels of Kris Jenner rocking her wedding ring while in Paris, despite continuing to deny being back with Bruce. Their separation dates all the way back to October of 2013, but constant events have thrown a bit of shade onto the clarity of the situation.

Kris Jenner was in Paris for Kim Kardashian’s weekend wedding. Kris looked at the top of her spirits when photographed, perhaps because of the rekindled romance blossoming between her and former Olympian, Bruce. Kris was dressed in a long black skirt and black jacket combination with gigantic glasses. She wore a smile on her face for the duration of media contact.

If this confuses you, then stand back and look at how far back the obfuscation dates. Bruce and Kris separated in October but as early as February, Kris was already occasionally wearing her wedding ring. The 58 year old reality star, and momager, has left her ring finger up for debate as she constantly denies involvement with her estranged husband yet continues to wear the jewelry that he proposed with.

Perhaps there is something in the air down in Paris or maybe Kris has just caught the love bug drafting down from Kanye and Kim. Kris and Bruce shared 22 years of marriage, and several children, before deciding to call it quits. So why were they having dinner at the Hotel Costes so recently? The family also was spotted having a good time in a strip of local amusement parks, including a Merry Go Round. When it started to pour the family fled to dinner.

So what is going on here? Perhaps they are putting on a show for the Kim and Kanye wedding or perhaps it is something to do with their reality television program. All that we know for sure is that we don’t know anything for certain.

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