Scandalous Rumors Emerge: MJ’s Daughter Paris Married?

Photo credit: Image Collect

Photo credit: Image Collect

It’s not easy being Michael Jackson’s daughter but this young celeb is taking things to levels that are starting to worry the legendary performer’s fans.

Paris Jackson just can’t stop sparking rumors and raising the alarm with her actions, and people are starting to think that her latest one is more than a teen-love act.

The 17-year-old reportedly changed her last name on her Instagram account, adding the surname of her boyfriend! If it were done by someone else, this action of teenager love showcasing wouldn’t seem like something that’s actually based on a real-life event. However, with Paris’ troubled past, anything is possible.

MJ’s only daughter can be found on Instagram under the name Paris Jackson Castellaw, after she added her boyfriend Chester’s surname. Paris and the 18-year-old soccer player have been dating since April.

The last time the troubled teen caused such mass reactions was in 2013, when she reportedly attempted suicide.

The young girl’s guardians (grandmother Katherine and cousin T.J. Jackson) haven’t made any comments on the rumor, and neither did the lawyer for the Jackson estate.

Paris-Michael Katherine Jackson is Michael’s and Debbie Rowe’s only daughter. She has an older brother, Michael Joseph Jackson Jr., and a younger half-brother, Prince Michael Jackson II.

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