Olivia Munn & Joel Kinnaman Split After Two Years

Photo credit:   Gettyimages

Photo credit: Gettyimages

Joel Kinnaman has certainly seen his ups and downs on the set of “The Killing” but apparently the bumpy ride continues in his personal life as well. Reports recently surfaced that he had split from former internet personality turned actress Olivia Munn. Despite their hugely different backgrounds, the two had seemed rock solid for over two years now. Details of the break up have not come out as of yet. A source did tell People Magazine, however, that their travel issues were taking them farther and farther apart.

Munn is primarily working in LA on the set of “The Newsroom” her first regular, mainstream gig since her days as a G4 personality. While Kinnaman is back in Vancouver once more working on a resurrected version of “The Killing.”

Getting back to work seems to be the answer for both Kinnaman and Munn who are both now busy with their respective shows following the breakup. For folks close to the couple this was not sudden news. One source says that the couple had actually made the split a few months back, but kept it quiet.

The couple met when Kinnaman first started shooting “The Killing”. In fact Olivia and Joel made their first public appearance together at the season two premiere. Friends close to the couple said that they seemed very good for each other. Despite their differing backgrounds it was reported that the two were on the same wave length intellectually, and that they just seemed to get each other. One of the things Kinnaman often cited about Munn was her down to earth quality. Although, some have found the self made celebrity a bit crude, Kinnaman often referred to her as “a hoot.”

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