Melania And Trump: Is Their Marriage Crumbling Before Our Eyes?

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Since stunning Melania Trump was a top-notch supermodel, her smile-and-wave part as the First Lady should come easy to her, right? Well, not exactly. Ever since Donald Trump became the president, Melania’s body language isn’t exactly saying: I’m happy and comfortable here.

Her visual role as adoring wife of the US president isn’t going according to plan as the Donald and Melania duet appears increasingly awkward and distant in public, and internet has noticed it big time.

And not only the internet.

First Lady’s ‘Shudder’

Body language expert, Judi James, analyzed First Lady’s body language during several of her public appearances and it seems that Melania and Trump are not in a very good place right now.

Especially the former Slovenian model.

Namely, during her rally speech for her husband, you can see that she liked all the crowd roars coming from the audience while she was taking the stage.

We could see the sudden boost in her confidence as she was raising one hand in recognition and greeting before performing a swift preening gesture with her hair.

“That hand movement plus the small, spontaneous-looking smile and laugh that follows suggests Melania was both surprised and pleased by the cheers and about to get into her stride,” says James.

“It was at that point that Trump patted her on her bare arm and the micro-gestures of her facial expression suggest the anxiety returned in an instant. Her eyes look down and it could look almost as though she shudders.”

These small gestures simply scream that Melania is unhappy in her marriage.

They Are No Barack And Michelle Obama

Remember all those small but significant signs of easy-going PDA between Michelle and Barack? Well, those are nowhere to be found with the Trumps so far.

“If you watch the Obamas in action you see a team of two communicating silently all the time.”

“Part of the disconnect between the Trump’s body language signals seems to be down to the lack of what are called tie-signs. These are small touches, glances and nods that an established couple will use as a silent but powerful form of communication when they are out in public or at social events.”

Things are certainly not going too well in the Trump “paradise.” Stay tuned.

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