Tea Leoni Had An Affair With Billy Bob Thornton

Photo credit: Gettyimages

Photo credit: Gettyimages

We all know David Duchovny is a declared sex addict and when Tea and David first separated back in 2008, it was clear the reason was David’s serial-cheating-sex-addiction.

David was filming “Californication” and it seems that he simply couldn’t resist Hank’s (his character in the show) alluring lifestyle which was based on drinking, doing drugs and having a lot of casual sex with beautiful young women.

However, it appears that Tea wasn’t that innocent either and apparently David wasn’t the only one cheating.

Tea, the groupie

According to the GLOBE Magazine, Tea kind of had a thing with her then-costar Billy Bob Thornton. In fact, it wasn’t a little fling or a brief physical thing, no sir.

She simply left her family and her kids and started following Billy’s band on their tour across the country.

Apparently, David found some suspicious texts from Billy Bob on his wife’s cell phone and that moment seems to have been a deal breaker for David. Hmm… One might ask him ‘What about all the times you cheated on Tea?’

Maybe David though of his meandering as only physical act of sex, while Tea’s relationship with Thornton was much more serious and the seemed to have had a deeper bond, and that’s what Duchovny wasn’t able to get past.

It takes two to tango

Nevertheless, to summarize, they both cheated and they were both dishonest and done things that would ultimately lead to their divorce. Some marriages are simply not meant to last.

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