Jeff Goldblum And Wife Expecting A Baby Boy

Photo credit: Gettyimages

Photo credit: Gettyimages

When we said there was a baby boom in Hollywood, you didn’t believe us. Look at you now, believing, hah! Congratulations are in order because famous actor Jeff Goldblum and his new wife Emilie Livingston are expecting their first child together!

The actor announced the news during The Late Show With David Letterman on Friday, January 9th, while Livingston waited backstage in the green room.

The 62-year-old Jurassic Park veteran revealed the news by bluntly saying: “She’s pregnant! She’s three months pregnant.”

The star shared every detail he could, beaming with joy, even revealing when his 32-year-old gymnast/contortionist/actress wife told him he was going to be a father: “She told me the day before we got married that she’s pregnant.”

The acting duo is expecting a boy, and Jeff even shared what his name is going to be: “If it stays, our current thinking is Elliot Charlie Goldblum.” TV show host legend David Letterman suggested they just go with Charlie Goldblum.

The Independence Day actor was so excited about the baby news, he kept on gushing about his wife and how extremely flexible she is. Letterman even asked whether she could come out and show the audience just how flexible she is: “Getting back to having your wife come out and hold her leg up… Can she? Now that she’s pregnant, can she do it or not.” Letterman is one awkward man.

Oddly (or not odd at all) enough, Livingston agreed and came out on stage to show off a move where she lifted her leg high in the air.

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