Lewis Hamilton’s Day Out In Washington DC

Photo credit: Gettyimages

Photo credit: Gettyimages

Since Formula 1 season is on a break until the end of August, Lewis Hamilton and Nicole Scherzinger have been using it this pause as their break to make the most of their precious free time together.

Lewis meets Obama

The couple has recently celebrated their six years together and they seem just as happy and in love as the first day they met. Nicole and Lewis have been visiting Washington DC and, thanks to the fact that Nicole is a global ambassador for the Special Olympics, the Formula 1 star had the chance to meet Barack Obama at the White House.

“I had the pleasure to go to the White House & meet the president of the United States & 1st lady thanks to my lady @nicolescherzy, thank you,” Lewis wrote on his Instagram account.

“I’m proud of you babe for being the global ambassador for the special Olympics #specialolympics #honour #1stblackpresident #Obama”

Lewis meets Lincoln (well, in a way)

Besides visiting the White House and meeting the president Obama, the Formula 1 champion was excited to be visiting Washington DC in general. He particularly enjoyed the Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial.

“Got to see Washington DC a little, hanging out with president Lincoln, what an amazing city. To stand where Dr Martin Luther King did his big speech, amazing!” Lewis stated.

Seizing the day

Nicole and Lewis also enjoyed a relaxing excursion on Sunday as they headed out on their mountain bikes with friends. Later that day, the couple did some babysitting. They hung out a bit with Lewis’ nephew Kaiden Lewis. Maybe Nicole and Lewis are practicing for something. Stay tuned.

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