Kim Kardashian’s Sex Life Revealed

Photo credit: Tiffany J / Instagram

Photo credit: Tiffany J / Instagram

Kim Kardashian, the popular model/actress/reality TV star/fashion designer, is currently engaged to rapper Kanye West, whom she just had a child with. But before there was “Kimye,” there was a slew of other men that were taking their shot at love with the daughter of O.J. Simpson’s late former lawyer.

So while today it’s Kanye, Kanye was hardly Kim Kardashian’s first. Here’s a look at the men that have helped shape Kardashian’s love life:

1) Damon Thomas (2000-2004)

When Kim was just 20, she secretly married music producer Damon Thomas. The marriage ended in divorce, and a rather ugly one. She accused him of abuse, he accused her of being a compulsive shopper. Um, ouch! Despite the divorce, the four-year marriage to Thomas was like an eternity compared to the length she was married to her second husband, Kris Humphries. More on him later.

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