Katty Perry Dumped John Mayer after He Cheated on Her with Kelly Monaco?

 Photo credit:  Gettyimages

Photo credit: Gettyimages

John Mayer and Katy Perry broke up suddenly last month. It appears Kelly Monaco was the cause. A source tells PerezHilton.com:

“[John and Kelly] hooked up immediately. She was open to the things that John’s into [between the sheets]. He couldn’t get enough. Kelly was still on his mind. He would text her and try and get her to meet him either at his place in L.A. or a hotel out in the Valley.”

The source states that Perry ended the relationship after finding texts to Monaco on Mayer’s phone.

Based on Mayer’s track record you might question why Perry began dating him in the first place. He called ex Jessica Simpson “sexual napalm” in a Playboy interview. Rumor has it that Taylor Swift wrote “Dear John” about a bitter, short-lived relationship with Mayer. Jennifer Aniston left him for being emotionally detached and never being around.

 Photo credit:   Gettyimages

Photo credit: Gettyimages

Mayer met the General Hospital star a few years ago at an L.A. club before he began dating Perry. They hit it off but never started an exclusive relationship. The PerezHilton.com source claims that Monaco remained on Mayer’s mind after he began dating Perry. He would text her and try to hook up with her. Perry found out and broke up with Mayer, but they resumed their relationship in June 2013.

The source states that when Perry discovered that Mayer and Monaco were still in touch, “she was devastated and realized he’s a sex fiend who isn’t capable of telling the truth.”

Perry is moving on. She’s promoting her Prismatic World Tour and becoming an art collector. Perry shared with E!’s Marc Malkin, “I’m challenging myself again, pushing my limits as I do, as a Scorpion does. I’m very excited because I believe this is my best work yet as far as live performances.”

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