How Does Drake Feel About Rihanna’s Nude Photos?

Photo credit:   Gettyimages

Photo credit: Gettyimages

Rihanna is constantly in the news, capturing headlines with her controversial behavior and penchant for skimpy clothing. Such was the case the other day, when Rihanna set aside some time for a nude photo shoot and a PDA session with Drake, her latest boy toy.

The crazy day began with Rihanna stripping down in order to pose for a French magazine. The photo shoot took place on a West Hollywood balcony, where Rihanna wore nothing more than a skimpy crop top, leaving her bottom half nearly one hundred percent bare. She had no pants (or underpants) on, but the singer did show off a trendy pair of white sneakers. The intent clearly was to show off Rihanna’s famous booty, for which she’s received scads of attention in the past. Despite her lack of clothing Rihanna was decked out in plenty of accessories, her fingers decorated with a myriad of rings. The celebrity’s makeup, on the other hand, was minimal, with no obvious color on her lips.

Not content to simply show off her assets in a nude photo shoot, Rihanna decided to get a little frisky while attending a Clippers game with Drake. Clearly not worried about what the public thought of their public displays of affection, the two embraced at Staples Center, drawing plenty of attention from the crowd. Based on this encounter and an addition steamy evening at a nightclub in Los Angeles, it’s clear that, if not actually in a serious relationship just yet, Rihanna and Drake are certainly hot and heavy. It’s only a matter of time before embracing at the Clippers game becomes embracing for Instagram photos!

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