Demi Lovato Celebrates Boyfriend’s Birthday With Wolves

Photo credit: Image Collect

Photo credit: Image Collect

We know celebrities can get wild sometimes, but we weren’t expecting Demi Lovato go have a wild side as dangerous as this – just two days ago, she celebrated her boyfriend Wilmer Valderrama’s 36th birthday with a pack of wolves.

Namely, the celeb couple visited Wolf Mountain Sanctuary in Lucerne Valley, CA, where Wilmer, Demi, and her sister Madison de la Garza hung out with a bunch of cute, yet still wild wolves.

Lovato decided to share some moments on Instagram, among which is the snap of Valderrama petting a wolf with the caption “Look at how handsome the birthday boy is . . . #wolfpack #happybirthdaywilmer”

Also, the popular singer posted a pic of herself getting a kiss from another wolf, all the while the both celebs were smiling and seemed happier than ever. In any case, seems like Demi Lovato knows how to organize a proper birthday celebration, but we’ll stick to cake and candles.

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