Why Is Child Services Investigating Will and Jada Pinkett Smith?

Photo credit:   Gettyimages

Photo credit: Gettyimages

While Will Smith may be one of the “good guys” in Hollywood, Child Protective Services seems concerned about the state of his parenting skills. CPS has reportedly gotten involved with the A-List megastar and his family after reacting in a negative fashion to the image of young Willow Smith that quickly went viral last week. The image showed shirtless Moises Arias in bed with a fully clothed but demure looking Willow.

The Smith family has always been under scrutiny for the way that they choose to parent their children as well as their alleged Scientology ties, but things were never thought to be this bad. With the Los Angeles Child Protective Services fully involved and seriously investigating Will and Jada, things are no doubt going to come out from the family.

According to the LA based CPS, the investigation was “formally opened last week” and is being taken “very seriously by the department.” The memo goes on to say that Will and Jada have been fully cooperative in the investigation but “aren’t happy that their parenting skills” are under scrutiny. The buck doesn’t stop there, either. Moises Arias and Willow Smith are also being called to talk with Child Protective Services, despite the fact that Moises is 20 years old.

The investigation, according to reports, is likely to go on for upwards of a month out of “an abundance of caution”, according to Protective Services. Many people had perceived the investigation to be comprised of a visit or two, but that is definitely not going to be the case.

Since the picture went public, and quickly viral, Will and the rest of the Smiths have been under full blast from the media. Jaden’s leaked shirtless photo, in bed with Kylie Jenner, no doubt added fuel to an already conservative fueled fire. While there is little doubt in our minds that Will and Jada are poor parents, the circus that is sure to follow will probably weigh heavily on them and the choices that they make in the near future.

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