Jada Smith Defends Her Daughter About The Controversial Photo

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Photo credit: Gettyimages

Jada seems to have a lot of work standing up for her family lately. First, she needed to deal with Will’s alleged affair with Margot Robbie, after some fishy photos surfaced of the two having too much fun in a photo booth, and now this.

What happened this time?

The actress and mother of two, Jada, defended her daughter, Willow Smith, again during an interview, when she was asked about the controversial photo of her 13-year-old daughter lying in bed with a shirtless “The Kings Of Summer” star, Moisés Arias, 20.

Big deal.

Jada’s response?

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Photo credit: Gettyimages

“Just don’t pollute something that’s not dirty. It’s really tough. I feel like the connection to the value of women on a bigger scale has decreased tremendously.

Even though you look and go, ‘Women have so many opportunities,’ it’s like, ‘Yeah, but at what cost?’”

Jada continued: “Are women valued for being women, or are women valued when they have more masculine qualities?

Men and women encompass both female and masculine energies, but it seems like when the feminine is present, it’s not respected.”

I want my kids to be happy and I want them to be themselves. I was saying to a friend the other day, ‘Remember, our kids are not us.’ They’re not. Sometimes we’re trying to fix things that happened to us or projecting onto them, and that’s a terrible, terrible trap,” she concluded.

What about her husband, Will Smith?

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Photo credit: Gettyimages

“We used to have all these rules, but as you go on in your relationship, you just get into a flow. The thing I love is being in a place where it’s just like, Will, to me, encompasses everything. It’s almost as if calling him ‘my husband’ is too small of a word for what he means in my life and especially how I feel we, as women, identify the idea of a husband.”

“I really had to mature and expand that. I think I had a very stuck idea of what a husband looks like, what a wife should be. Once I broke all of that, a whole new world opened for me and man, oh, man, I got to see him in all his glory. And so that’s what it’s evolved into. And I’m just ecstatic about it.”

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