Drake and Rihanna – Steaming Romance Or Just Friends?

 Photo credit:  / Prphotos

Photo credit: / Prphotos

Clearly, Rihanna hasn’t been a great role model of how to have a happy, healthy relationship.

Over the years, the public’s fascination with the soulful singer’s romantic ups and downs has included plenty of comments like “she’s at it again” or “Why won’t she just settle down with someone who will treat her well?”

Judging by the quality time she’s been putting in with Drake this year, maybe things are actually getting better for her all around.

She’s been accompanying the Canadian singer on the Western Europe leg of his “Would You Like A Tour” tour. Sometimes she takes off to do her own thing, like being part of a Fashion Week appearance in France. Sometimes she stays backstage during his concerts. Or sometimes, like at the Belgium show, she’s spotted in the audience smiling and dancing along.

She also seems to be more than just someone who says they’re with the band and is “on the list.”

Witnesses saw them smoking together and enjoying each other’s company in the VIP area of Drake’s Belgian concert. And they were at the hugging, kissing and general lovey-dovey stage, which seems encouraging for future relationship prospects.

They also were seen enjoying a lovely two-hour dinner together at Nobu in London, and shared the same cab afterward. A couple of days earlier, they enjoyed sushi together at Izakaya in Amsterdam.

While in Paris in late February, they both spent an evening at the one-year anniversary party for Club Soixante Dix Neuf, where Drake was given the honor of spending some time in the DJ booth.

Even though things seem to be going well with Ri-Ri and Drake, some sources close to Rihanna are concerned about a possible encore performance of Chris Brown, who she deliberately has tried to keep her distance from after their rocky past together.
They have reportedly been texting more and more since he sent her a birthday greeting earlier this year. Plus, the word is that he’s newly single, which could make him eager to rekindle whatever romance – no matter how destructive – they once had.

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