Amanda Seyfried And Justin Long Checked Into Splitsville

Photo credit: Image Collect

Photo credit: Image Collect

It’s always sad when celebs break-up, especially when they’re adorable like Hollywood A-listers Amanda Seyfried and Justin Long.

We somehow grew accustomed to them being together, like they were our long-distance friends… who never call, text, or visit on holidays.

Never the less, we will have to start getting used to the idea that this celeb royalty pair isn’t together anymore.

The beloved pair, who had been dating for two tears, decided to call it quits a couple of weeks ago. A source close to the famous pair revealed that the reason behind the break-up was the fact that they realized they wanted different things. Allegedly, Long wanted to get married, while Seyfried wasn’t ready to make the commitment.
According to the source, Long is really struggling to deal with the breakup.

The former couple first got together thanks to Instagram. Long posted a beautiful picture of a snail with the caption “F****** moooooove,” and the actress couldn’t stop laughing at it so she texted him.

The 37-year-old actor previously dated Hollywood A-listers Drew Barrymore and Kate Mara, while the 29-year-old actress was previously involved with Dexter star Desmond Harrington and her Mamma Mia co-star Dominic Cooper.

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