15 Celebs Who Waited For Their Wedding Night

Photo credit: Image Collect

Photo credit: Image Collect

Virginity is really rare in today’s day and age, especially in a place like Hollywood. However, there are still those who share the idea that some things are meant for only one person, whether for religious reasons or psychological.

Among thousands of big and small stars alike, these 15 celebs waited for their wedding night to be intimate. This may or may not be your kind of thing, but sticking to a decision that hard in a place like that, deserves a round of applause. Kudos for that!

1. Teresa Giudice

The term “celebrity” is taken pretty loosely these days, but nevertheless, Teresa Guidice can be considered one.

This reality star was a virgin when she married husband Joe, at the age of 29.

She wasn’t kidding when she decided to “stay official” until marriage, wasn’t she?

The Real Housewives star and Joe knew each other their whole lives.

Allegedly, the wedding night was worth the wait, but Teresa doesn’t think her daughters will think the same way she did, “not in this day and age.”

The reality TV persona is currently in jail, and when she gets out – her husband Joe is going to take his turn under lockdown. It seems like the couple will get really acquainted with the procedure of conjugal visits.

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