Amy Winehouse Statue Unveiled

Photo credit: Imagecollect

Photo credit: Imagecollect

The most recent member of the popular 27 Club, Amy Winehouse, received a huge commemoration on what would have been her 31st birthday.

Stopping her in a beautiful moment in time

The life-size brass sculpture was unveiled on September 14th by Amy’s parents, Mitch and Janis Winehouse. Amy’s mother and father were also involved in the statues unique design.

Barbara Windsor, a close friend of Amy, and Scott Eaton, the man responsible for the work of art, were also present at the ceremony when the monument was revealed to the public for the first time.

The legendary singer’s father, Mitch, had this to say at the memorial.

“It is incredibly emotional to see Amy immortalized like this. But Scott has done an amazing job in capturing her. It is like stopping her in a beautiful moment in time. The Winehouse family is very grateful to Scott and we really hope Amy’s fans love the statue,” he added.

“We want to remind everyone of her talent and that her legacy, through her music and the Amy Winehouse Foundation, carries on. Camden meant a lot to Amy and vice versa and to have her forever standing at the heart of the hustle and bustle of that area just fits,” Mitch concluded.

Exceptional Amy

Back in August, Mitch also spoke about how the idea of the statue came into being and he explained why this was an exception.

“I had a meeting with Camden council and they told me they don’t usually allow statues until 20 years after someone has died, but in Amy’s case they made an exception,” he said proudly.

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