15 Celebrities Who You Would Love To Have As A Girlfriend

Photo credit:   Gettyimages

Photo credit: Gettyimages

1) Emma Stone

She is described as having an “old soul” and she has a reputation for being reliable, easy to work with, and funny. Aside from the fact that she has a smoking hot petite body, is a natural red head, and has big eyes that seem to see right through you, the girl somehow also has a great personality.

Emma said in an interview with Glamour magazine that if she was not an actress she would like to be a journalist because she is “hardcore about grammar.” So she is funny, beautiful and smart. But keep your heart to yourself, because Miss Stone’s heart belongs to her The Amazing Spiderman costar Andrew Garfield and the couple just moved in together.

Emma may be unavailable but you can still get your fix, she has four movies coming out in the next year. Including Magic in The Moonlight a quirky Woody Allen comedy drama, and Birdman with Edward Norton. She has already proven herself years ago with her roles in The Help, and Easy A.

In the next year though it seems she will be taking up her status another notch and firmly establishing herself on the A list.

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  1. I would not want any of them regardless or fame or wealth if they did not have a down to earth good natured personality. Ladies who make something out of nothing and love being half of a partnership in creating a life together. the kind of lady that make you want to wake up every morning and give her everything you can because you want to see her smile and because you know she is going to make even more of it just to see you smile in return.

    • That’s awesome warchopper. If you don’t have that lady in your life I hope you find her. I know I found my guy (over 20 years now). I pray every night he still looks at me and thinks those thoughts.

  2. No problem with 14 of them; anyone would be extremely lucky to be with any of them; but, KRISTEN STEWART????? Not even that attractive, she is moody, self involved and seems to be a general pain in the a–.

  3. As I recall, Posh Spice didn’t need a trendy, rich husband to put her on the map. Quite the reverse, actually…

  4. Not that it matters, but Ellen Paige is a lesbian, don’t think she would make a good girlfriend for a guy!!!!!

    • I think they were meaning girlfriend as in girlfriend for a guy or a girl. She would make some girl a good girlfriend. LOL…oh my gosh…if I’m even making sense!

  5. Who authored this absolute drivel? Kristin Stewart, a “discreet” girl
    friend? Yes, discreet while sleeping around. Some of these people are
    generic nobodies with no claim to beauty, ability or credentials… Who
    comes up with this RUBBISH?

  6. Who authored this absolute drivel? Kristin Stewart, a “discreet” girl
    friend? Yes, discreet while sleeping around. Some of these people are
    generic nobodies with no claim to beauty, ability or credentials.

  7. Dakota Fanning should be an inspiration to any young actor/actress. Her parents did a remarkable job keeping her grounded, having her still attend high school, cheer and doing all the “not so silly at the time” high school stuff. She didn’t miss out on life growing up as a child actor and is off to college. I love reading stories about these young girls who stay grounded, loyal to their “non-celebrity” friends and family.

  8. Emma Stone isn’t a natural red head. She dyed it for Superbad and liked it. I am not even a reporter and I know that FACT.
    Ellen Page is a lesbian, did this person even do any research. I guess you could argue that she would make a good girlfriend for another girl but are we going down that road.

    • They mentioned in their description of Ellen Paige that she “came out,” meaning yes she’s a lesbian. So they know that — they said it, right here. Why don’t you actually read before deciding to sound like a jerk and attack the people who made the list? And don’t be so literal. They’re saying, in a world where she was a heterosexual, Ellen Paige would be a great girlfriend, and lots of guys still dream about her even though she came out. Hard to dispute that I’d say. But I guess you geniuses think Emma Stone and the other people on this list are “realistic” for you, much more so than Ellen Paige. The whole list is a set of fantasies. Some of the people are engaged or married. They are not much more “possible” as your girlfriend (or desirable since they’d be cheating) than Ellen Paige, but I notice you aren’t going crazy over them being included. Get a clue people.

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