12 Worst Hollywood Lovers

Photo credit:   Gettyimages

Photo credit: Gettyimages

2) Colin Farrell

Sigh. If only it weren’t true. Colin Farrell is an Irish movie star with smoldering good looks, dark, piercing eyes, and a kissable mouth. Women have been drooling over him for years as his star in Hollywood has risen. Never a huge breakout star, he’s starred in dozens of solid roles to make himself well known in the business. He’s been called utterly seductive on the screen, with his eyes described as entirely expressive and deep.

Farrell does get around. He’s dated Britney Spears, Angelina Jolie, Demi Moore, and a litter of young and beautiful models and starlets. They must all know something, right? Well apparently, according to Woody Allen’s French au pair, he might come across as an accomplished lover on screen, but in the bedroom he’s shy and not quite sure of what to do. She even compared him to Mickey Mouse, which can’t be a good thing, no matter how you take it.

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