You’d Be Surprised To Learn These Celebrities Took Their Famous Spouses’ Last Names

 Photo credit:  / Prphotos

Photo credit: / Prphotos

In Hollywood, your name is your brand. But what happens if a woman decides to get married? It’s quite possible that celebs might be all about a little brand change, but it can be shocking to consider that the old household items are suddenly becoming a fresh new model.

Sometimes, such a joining of the powers can mean combining forces to meld together two great things into a, new, exciting, and fresh one. Here are ten Hollywood celebrities who chose to change their last names when they married their famous spouses.

1) Kim Kardashian

A name doesn’t get much more powerful than this one. Reality star, designer, and Hollywood “it” girl has said a great many things about her wedding (that the ceremony will be televised, that it will be held at Versailles, that there will be fighter jet fly-overs), so we’re not really sure how deeply her word should be trusted. But Kardashian has also claimed that, once she marries Kanye, she will prefer to be known as “Kim Kardashian West” (no hyphen, “Kardashian” will become a legal middle name). Who knows; maybe this rose will smell even sweeter than the jewel-encrusted Kardashian brand (though we’re not entirely certain how that would be possible).

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