You Won’t Guess What Ginnifer Goodwin Craves During Pregnancy

Photo credit: Image Collect

Photo credit: Image Collect

While some celebs are the main culprits in fling rumors or are in the midst of a bad breakup, others are happily resting at home while expecting a child.

One such celebrity is Ginnifer Goodwin, who just shared some facts about her cravings during pregnancy.

While talking to E! News about her new animated feature “Zootopia,” the actress admitted that she really has some weird cravings: “My biggest craving with this pregnancy is banana peppers. The last pregnancy, I was all about jalapenos, which aren’t very far from the banana tree.”

While most child-bearing women set their sights on chocolate, ice cream, or potato chips, the “Once Upon a Time” star is more of a spicy foods girl herself.

As Goodwin explained, this is the second time she’s expecting a child with husband Josh Dallas, and their son Oliver is as supportive of his mom’s pregnancy as a two-year-old can be.

Says Ginnifer: “He sometimes points to his own belly and asks if there’s a baby in there. I say, ‘Boys get other things and girls get the babies.’” Now isn’t that precious?

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