More Awkward Moments In Stefani’s Divorce

Photo credit: Image Collect

Photo credit: Image Collect

Divorce is one of the most stressful events in anyone’s life, but in the lives of our beloved celebrities constant reminders are everywhere thanks to the media.

In the case of Gwen Stefani’s divorce from Gavin Rossdale, the wounds are still fresh from an alleged affair, and never-ending interviews about the breakup don’t help.

In a recent interview with Yahoo, the 46-year-old singer talked about her clothing collection for pets called Petco and managed to have an awkward moment.

Talking about her three son’s pets, Stefani said:

“We just got a brand new bird and he’s really awesome. He’s really cool,” Stefani said. “We have some little turtles. The boys have a dog but he doesn’t live here anymore….“

Oh, right.

“Yeah, ‘oh, oh, oh,’ everybody’s so awkward, I know. It is awkward,” she said before laughing. “[The dog] Chewy will not be wearing this collection. We’re probably getting a new dog.”

Chewy clearly won’t be wearing her Petco collection as Rossdale took the dog with him, which is too bad given all the fashionable items it’ll be missing out on.

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