Why Leonardo DiCaprio & Relationships Don’t Mix

 Photo credit:  / Imagecollect

Photo credit: / Imagecollect

“Titanic” is the typical story — boy meets girl, boy shouts “I’m the King of the World” at sunset, boy draws naked girl. Boy drowns in the cold Atlantic.

Everyone has fun for awhile, but no permanent commitment is made to the relationship – that’s so Leo!

Whether he’s the ill-fated artist in “Titanic,” the conniving yet ultimately lonely Jay Gatsby or the adrenalin-crazed Wolf of Wall Street, Leonardo DiCaprio’s characters do seem to be united in being irresistible to the ladies but unable to seal the deal and love – and often live — happily ever after. And just like his on-screen romances, his real-life relationships also seem to be doomed. But instead of movie-style pathos, most of his relationships end mutually — thankfully none involve drug-fueled dance parties or hitting icebergs, either literally or metaphorically. So why does Leo always seem like the ultimate bachelor but never marriage material?

10) He’s not interested in tying the knot

He told Entertainment Wise in 2012 that he’s become less and less of a fan of marriage over the years. He has been unpleasantly surprised plenty of times when he hears about some of his friends’ marriages ending that he thought were fairly happy. But he also admits that a lot of his friends are actors and directors, who he mostly knows professionally, so he doesn’t have any idea what goes on in their personal and romantic lives.

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