Tom Hardy: Secret Wedding With Charlotte Riley?

Photo credit:   Gettyimages

Photo credit: Gettyimages

British actor Tom Hardy might just have let the cat out of the bag regarding a possible marriage to brunette love Charlotte Riley. While the pair got engaged more than 3 years ago, no confirmation of any marriage exists. Despite that, the “This Means War” star might have let a big secret out during a recent New York City film screening. On Thursday, April 24th, Hardy attended a screening for his upcoming thriller “Locke.” Magazine “US Weekly” interviewed Hardy during the event. When the subject of his partner Charlotte’s attitude toward his career came up, he referred to her as his “wife,” stating that she understands the nature of the business, being an actress herself.

Not only did Hardy call Riley his wife, but he also spoke extremely lovingly of her, referring to her as both “kind” and “pure” in nature. As he was saying all of these things, however, no wedding ring was in sight. US Weekly contacted a Hardy source regarding the actor’s current marriage status. The source denied the marriage, noting that they’re still only engaged. The only people who know the real truth, however, are likely Hardy and Riley. Fans of the actor will have to keep guessing unless he decides to speak about it himself.

If Hardy is indeed in a marriage with Riley, it’s not his first. He first got married in 1999 to Sarah Ward. They divorced several years later, in 2004. Hardy also has a young son from another relationship. His ex Rachael Speed gave birth to Louis in 2008 and Hardy started dating Riley that same year. Sparks flew when the pair worked together on the television programs “Wuthering Heights” and “The Take.” By 2010, they were officially engaged.

Whether Hardy is truly married to Riley or not, fans surely wish them a long, happy marriage — even if they’re a little sad that the heartthrob is taken. Stunning Riley might be the positive influence that Hardy’s life needs. When the actor was younger, he suffered from intense addictions to both crack cocaine and alcohol. Rehab, however, helped him become sober and he’s been alcohol-free since 2003.

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