Taylor Swift Teams Up With Calvin Harris To Build The Best Snow Man

Photo credit: Image Collect

Photo credit: Image Collect

Although celebs might be famous and perfect, they’re human like us, which means they too celebrate Christmas like there’s no tomorrow.

The latest example of this comes from singer Taylor Swift, who had a snow man-building competition on Wednesday.

The pop star was joined by her boyfriend Calvin Harris and her younger brother Austin in the goal of makes the best and biggest snowman the world has ever seen.

Ultimately, the trio has succeeded and the whole thing was posted by Swift on her Instagram page.

One might say this was the cherry on top of 2015 for Taylor Swift. She reached the stars with her “1989 World Tour” where she was joined by her awesome squad, while her relationship with Calvin Harris is seemingly perfect.

In any case, Taylor is on her well-deserved break, and we hope she gets to celebrate Xmas along with the rest of us.


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