Taylor Swift & Calvin Harris Officially An Item?

Photo credit: Image Collect

Photo credit: Image Collect

It appears that Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris have finally confirmed their romance.

Namely, the couple was spotted sharing numerous sweet displays of affection at the Billboard Music Awards on Sunday night.

The couple didn’t hesitate to cuddle, kiss and show affection throughout the whole Las Vegas ceremony.

Taylor nailed a number of trophies, including Top Artist, Top Female Artist and Top Billboard Achievement, and it was the couple’s reaction as Taylor was announced the winner of the Top Billboard Achievement award that caused a stir among their fans on social media.


Calvin was spotted kissing Taylor on the cheek and the duo shared a long embrace after the announcement, making this a major moment for the otherwise private Hollywood A-list couple.

Taylor Calvin spent most of the evening side by side, while Calvin’s hand spent very little time not wrapped around the singer. Taylor, on the other hand, frequently leaned in close to the Scottish DJ while they chatted away.

The biggest clue was, however, that a US Weekly insider confirmed that “Taylor would stand up and talk to her friends during the commercial breaks, and introduced everyone, including Nick Jonas, to her new boyfriend.”

The news about Taylor and Calvin first cropped up back in February, when the tabloids claimed the two had been seeing each other a lot lately, despite their busy schedules.

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