Stork Alert: Ciara Welcomes Baby Boy!

Photo credit:   Gettyimages

Photo credit: Gettyimages

Ciara was ecstatic to welcome her first baby boy to the world. She gave birth to her child in the early hours of last Monday morning. The “Goodies” singer says that the pregnancy went without complications and that their child came out “happy and healthy”!. This was Ciara’s first child ever and the fourth that Future has fathered. The musicians refused to reveal the name of their boy and instead said “we went with what felt right in our soul and gut, we didn’t second guess it.”

Many first time mothers, especially in Hollywood, seem shocked by how difficult pregnancy can be but Ciara pushed the thought away. The 28 year old musician says that she didn’t know what to expect but that everything has been “a very easy” process to handle. Ciara went on to admit that she has even had fun, calling it one of the coolest experiences of her entire life. Ciara has never been afraid to tell her friends and family how obsessed she is with children, so she is obviously doubly thrilled to have her own little one to fawn over.

Ciara first revealed the news of her baby via Instagram and then went on to say that they “got what they wanted” when it was known to be a boy. Ciara says that she is using this new life change, and burst of positive emotion, as a way to channel some new and exciting music for her fans. She has been emphatic in saying that she will not be taking a break any time soon and that she is completely “loving” the phase of her life that she is entering. Her fiance Future has two sons and a daughter with three previous women in his dating life.

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