Modern Family’s Julie Bowen & Sarah Hyland Share A Special Bond In Real Life Too

Photo credit: Gettyimages

Photo credit: Gettyimages

“Modern Family” mom Julie Bowen has recently opened up about her on-screen daughter Sarah Hyland and her ordeal with ex-boyfriend Matt Prokop.

Julie to the Rescue

Namely, Sarah’s on-screen mother had an important role in helping the young actress deal with and end her abusive relationship with ex-boyfriend Matt.

Julie allegedly visited Hyland at her house on several occasions and made sure Hyland ended her ordeal in a “peaceful” way.

“Oh, well the reality is I’m just nosy. I stick my nose in anything and everything. I love my kids, my fake kids and my real kids, so if anyone needs help I’m a soft touch,” Bowen joked for US Weekly.

Sarah and Matt have officially ended their relationship and the actress was apparently forced to ask for a restraining order against her ex boyfriend, which she managed to get several weeks ago.

She’s an Angel

When asked what she thinks of her young co-star, Bowen had this to say:

“Oh my God Sarah is so great. She’s an angel. Just love her. I love her. I love all my fake kids though and my real kids.”

I personally made a million dating mistakes when I was young. I didn’t live in the public eye, and my life was totally different than say Sarah’s, I mean this is strictly about me. I made so many mistakes, but I made them when I was young, didn’t get married, didn’t have babies, and moved on. I think that’s the time to make them, like your twenties are for really just effing up,” Bowen admitted.

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