Megan Fox Files For Divorce, But What About Her Racy Tattoo?

Photo credit: Image Collect

Photo credit: Image Collect

As Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green prepare to officially dissolve their marriage after separating several months ago and breaking the news to the public last week, there are numerous questions surrounding their separation.

One of the cheeky ones is definitely Fox’s rather racy tattoo, which is seldom visible to the public as it is really low alongside her bikini line.

Will she remove it? Will she redesign it? Will she leave it as is?

Fox and Green are not only faced with permanent reminders of their former love on their bodies, but also have some more serious matters to worry about.

The couple, who were together for 11 years, practically eternity by Hollywood standards, have two children together and Megan’s divorce papers include her intent to share custody of the boys with Green. As the pair never signed a pre-nup, their wealth is supposed to be equally divided but there is no word yet as to how they feel about a 50/50 split.

In any case, we will watch closely as this drama unfolds and keep you in the loop with new details as they emerge.

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