Kate Hudson Opens Up About Her ‘Long Engagement’ To Matt Bellamy

Photo credit: Gettyimages

Photo credit: Gettyimages

The Hollywood A-list actress, Kate Hudson, and her Muse rocker fiancé, Matthew Bellamy, have been engaged for three and a half years now, and while some might think these long engagements and postponing of marriage is nothing but a dead-end street, Kate says her lengthy wait isn’t bothering her at all.

Forever seems beautiful

Kate, 35, has recently opened up to Women’s Health about her vision and understanding of marriage.

“It’s a long engagement, but I think the best part is that knowing you’re working towards the idea of a commitment that is hopefully as long of a stretch as you can pull it, and forever seems beautiful,” Said the actress.

“I look forward to the wedding day because when that happens, to me, marriage what I really love about it is bringing the families together, and the kids,” Kate added.

The two met in spring 2010 and merely a year later the couple was engaged. They have a son together. Little Bingham was born in July 2011 in Los Angeles.

Marriage may not be the answer

Kate has also mentioned that “marriage is not a golden ticket.” Taking into account her own divorce to The Black Crows singer, Chris Robinson, after seven years of marriage, as well as her mum Goldie‘s previous two failed marriages, she just might be onto something.

“One of the reasons why they never got married is because they had been married before and they liked it the way it was,” Kate stated about Goldie and Kurt Russell’s successful relationship.

“They didn’t feel like they needed a piece of paper to be committed. So for me, I know that marriage is not a golden ticket.”

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