Kanye & Kim: Prenup Drama Delaying Wedding Plans?

Photo credit:   Gettyimages

Photo credit: Gettyimages

Kim and Kanye have been and will always be larger than life, so are we really surprised that their engagement shifts tone every 24 hours? The latest news to come out of the “Kimye” camp shows that the two celebrity lovers are having a bit of trouble getting their prenuptial agreements in place. A prenuptial agreement is used to protect the assets of each individual involved in the marriage and are common among the rich and famous.

The two celebrities have been using their personal legal teams to help draft up a pre-nup agreement that they can both live with. Knowing that Kanye is worth almost $120 million dollars and that Kim is worth almost $40 million means that there is quite a bit at stake here. This pre-nup agreement will help prevent either person from trying to take the other to the cleaners in the event of a bad divorce. It’s a smart business decision through-and-through. Anytime that money gets pulled into a celebrity relationship, things tend to get sour. So it was nice to see that sources close to the situation believe the negotiations to be “friendly” so far.

Despite the laid back negotiations, Kanye and Kim are reportedly getting stressed that they might miss their wedding date. A recent shift in management by Kanye added a whole new mountain of paperwork to an already strenuous event and now the clock is truly ticking.

The super-celebrity couple is aiming for a wedding in France at the end of May. When asked about the wedding Kim was quick to put public misconception to rest. The reality star says that, while people are assuming they will have a “massive wedding”, the day will be more “intimate”. Kim goes on to tell reporters that she intends to have only 200 of their closest friends there. She made a point to emphasize the friends she invites will be the ones that were “supportive” of them all along. Among the alleged attendants will be Jay Z and Beyonce.

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