Jennifer Aniston Married Justin Theroux In A Disguise Ceremony

Photo credit: Image Collect

Photo credit: Image Collect

Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux tied the knot in their home in Bel-Air on Wednesday evening after inviting 70 of their closest guests to Theroux’s birthday party, who turns 44 on August 10.

The guest list included Ellen DeGeneres, Jason Bateman, John Krasinski, Lisa Kudrow, Howard Stern, Chelsea Handler and Emily Blunt.

Aniston met Theroux on a vacation in 2011 and they have been engaged since 2012. This is the first marriage for Theroux and second for Aniston, who was married to Brad Pitt in early 2000s.

Although the pair did manage to stay out of the spotlight, the 46-year-old actress has always been open about her feelings towards Theroux.

“He’s the easiest guy to hang around. He was so completely in his skin. It was the first time I remember being so comfortable [with a romantic interest], like with all my gay friends,” Aniston said to The Hollywood Reporter in early 2015.

Aniston even revealed she would like to start a family with Theroux, concluding, “Who knows if it’s going to happen? It’s been a want. We’re doing our best.”

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