Jennifer Aniston Jokes About Elopement Rumors – ‘Hasn’t It Happened Already?’

Photo credit: Gettyimages

Photo credit: Gettyimages

Over the last couple of days the rumors that Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux are planning to elope have been circulating through the grapevine, but the actress has denied the speculation the way she knows best, via good humor.

Not Informed About Her Own Love Life

During an interview with Extra’s Rob Estes, Jennifer joked about the whole shebang when she was asked whether they had a secret marriage.

Hasn’t it already happened? I don’t know… I haven’t read this week what’s happening with us, so I have to look into it,” the Hollywood beauty laughed off the false reports.

Dr Julia Harris

Jennifer then moved on to talk about her next appearance as Dr Julia Harris in the upcoming installment of the hit comedy “Horrible Bosses.”
“What could not be fun about bringing back a nymphomaniac dentist?” she laughed.

“Oh just all the dark sides of my brain probably, you know,” Jennifer said with a smile when Rob asked her how she can play that role so well. “It’s easy. Once you put the clothes on and that wig, and you just sort of like have your instruments…”

The actress also admitted she really fell in love with the role of Dr Julia Harris, and said she wouldn’t think twice if the studio asked her to reprise the role for the third time.

“Are you kidding? With bells on. I’ll be the first one there!

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