George Clooney, Love Doctor? His 5 Best Dating Tips

 Photo credit:  / Imagecollect

Photo credit: / Imagecollect

Love him or hate him, George Clooney is the ultimate man’s man. And really, how can you hate him at all? He takes his craft seriously, he doesn’t get involved in scandals like the younger celebrity set. He attends gala events with lovely ladies and entertains regularly.

Even in the romance department, he seems like he’s all about class – he doesn’t leave trails of broken hearts or angry ex-wives. Instead, everyone seems to take him as he is, making him a perfect poster boy for what today’s stylish single man-on-the-go should take lessons from.

1) Make more friends than enemies

A lot of younger stars are easily tempted by bad advice from their pals in the biz or at least members of their entourage. This leads them to make poor choices that usually end up on TMZ or in jail. Clooney seems to try to keep himself above these – he has said often that he likes to stay inside or have more intimate gatherings of friends. When he does have to hit the runway, he takes along pals that already have stable relationships like Matt Damon or Brad Pitt.

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