Courtney Cox Engagement To Johnny McDaid Is STILL ON

Photo credit: Gettyimages

Photo credit: Gettyimages

Despite claims made by Star that the engagement between Courtney Cox and Johnny McDaid was off, a source close to Cox smashed the rumor, saying it was simply “not true”.

The “Friends” alum and her Northern Irish musician fiancé were rumoured to have separated after an alleged sight after the post-Grammys party.

As was published in the tabloids, a terrible fight broke out between Courtney Cox and Johnny McDaid, after Cox accused Johnny of flirting with a young blonde. When Cox flipped out McDaid supposedly told her “there’s no way he’s marrying her.”

Another reason cited for calling the engagement off was the fact that Courtney wants to stay in L.A., while Johnny want to be in the U.K full-time.

The same source that said the rumour of their breakup was false explained the couple had agreed on all of the important aspects of being married and that the engagement is very much still on.

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