15 Celebrity Couples Who Survived Cheating Scandals


Photo credit: Gettyimages

Forbidden fruit tastes so damn good. Infidelity became so ordinary over the years, and not just in the cruel world of public figures.

Strong relationships demand honesty, healthy communication and above all, time. But sometimes they crumble like the house of cards when one of the participants experiences that one momentary lapse of judgment, reaches out and grabs that ever so delicious forbidden apple.

Some of the couples, however, manage to overcome these incidents, patch things up, and often rise even stronger than before. Here are some of the famous Hollywood couples who did just that.

1. David & Victoria Beckham

The soccer star and a former Spice girl have been married for 15 years now, however, not everything was a bed of roses for the famous British couple.

The grapevine hasn’t been kind to David. The rumor has it that he cheated on Victoria with not one, not two, but three separate women.

The most hyped affair included Beckham’s personal assistant, Rebecca Loos, who actually managed to make a celebrity out of herself by announcing their alleged affair to the public eye.

Rebecca recently spoke about the whole thing and officially stated she was sorry to kiss and tell.

“Obviously I’m a mother now and I’m married myself and being in the media for six or seven years, so knowing what I know now, I would have definitely gone about things quite differently. I think I was quite young and foolish and very reckless, and obviously I didn’t think things through, I just acted on impulse. And I like to think I’m a lot less like that now, hopefully.”

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