22 Celebrities Who Practice Open Relationships

Photo credit: Imagecollect

Photo credit: Imagecollect

16. Chris Martin and Gwyneth Paltrow

Fans of Chris Martin and Gwyneth Paltrow were shocked when this pair “uncoupled;” however, they may have been “coupling” with other people.

There has been serious speculation that it was the couple’s “open marriage” that led to their decision to split.

There were many headlines alleging that Paltrow had cheated on the blonde rock star with the great British accent.

Maybe she did, maybe she didn’t. Maybe Martin couldn’t take brown rice for dinner one more night. Whatever the case may be, their marital “arrangement” didn’t work out.

Even so, they claim that they are both going to be present for parenting their two children. Perhaps they’ll be good friends once all is said and done, because in the real world most “uncoupled” people roll like that once the divorce papers are signed.

Well, the publicists have been earning their keep for the work on the Martin-Paltrow project. At least somebody’s coming out ahead in the game of love. Perhaps Paltrow will go back to acting and Martin will be able to focus on music again.

Whether their subsequent relationships will involve open arrangements in the future is anyone’s guess. At least people everywhere have the comfort of knowing that coupling in Hollywood is every bit as complicated as everywhere else.

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