George Clooney Makes Sure There Will Be No Paparazzi At His Wedding In Lake Como

George Clooney

Photo credit: ImageCollect

Clooney loves his future bride Amal Alamuddin so much, that he wants her all for himself prior to the big wedding.

He has been granted two new protection laws in Lake Como, Italy, preventing fans and paparazzi getting close to his residence ahead of his planned wedding to Amal.

It appears that Clooney has friends in right places and it is paying off. Sources confirm to US Weekly that the actor’s friends at Laglio Council have just approved the laws and massive fines, designed to keep uninvited guests away from his idyllic lakeside mansion “Villa Oleandra.”

The laws were declared on Saturday, June 21, and they prevent anyone from stopping on the road outside the mansion, as well as the water directly in front of his villa, 24-hours a day. The restrictions will remain in place until September 30.

“It is now completely forbidden to stop outside the entrance to Clooney’s villa,” the Mayor of Laglio, Roberto Pozzi stated.

“It’s a question of traffic and security. It is very dangerous and it’s also an issue of privacy.”

Also, if you want to go for a swim, you’ll have to find another route. On the lake side of the property, anyone sailing or swimming within 100 meters from Clooney’s villa could be fined up to 500 Euros.

“We have never penalized anyone in the past,” Pozzi said. “This type of action is designed to bring about a change in people’s behavior and create a more peaceful environment. We have to guarantee privacy and security for George Clooney and his guests.”

Clooney, 53, popped the question to his bride-to-be on April 22. As reported previously, the happy couple is planning to tie the knot this fall. They had been considering both Lake Como and Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, where Clooney also owns a villa, as possible venues for the big day.

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