Efron And Miró Spotted Together On A Movie Set

Photo credit: Image Collect

Photo credit: Image Collect

It’s always exciting to see young, fresh couples hitting it off, especially if those couples are made out of celebrities.

In this case, we have the Zac Efron-Sami Miró duo, which was recently spotted hooking up on the job.

As E! News reports, Miró paid her boyfriend a visit on the set of no other movie but “Neighbors 2!”

The two could be seen in Atlanta on Monday, talking and strolling around the set as if they were just having a casual chat.

While Sami was wearing black shorts and a leather jacket, Zac went completely opposite. Even though it was for a scene, the actor was shirtless and flexing for the purpose of shooting the upcoming movie.

We can’t say what’s more exciting – the two hotties, the upcoming sequel to the hilarious “Neighbors,” or Zac Efron showing his great body to the camera. We’ll let our readers decide.

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