18 Forever Alone Celebrities

 Photo credit:  / Imagecollect

Photo credit: / Imagecollect

2. 50 Cent

For someone who “likes women with their own ideas”, rapper 50 Cent doesn’t seem to have much luck with strong-minded women who won’t listen to his lame-o excuses regarding any of his smooth-talking flimflams with other women.

In fact, Kim Kardashian, Naomi Campbell, Chelsea Handler and Ciara have all had the exact same idea in their heads after spending smoochy time with Curtis James Jackson III–dump 50 Cent for any guy who doesn’t name himself after cheap coins!

We would also like 50 Cent to answer this question personally–if just one out of five people suffer from getting dumped over and over again, does this mean that one of those five LIKES getting dumped?

C’mon 50 Cent, it can’t be fun to get dumped. Slow down and take a deep whiff of those sexy red roses before you pluck one, sniff it once and then throw it in your ever-growing pile of used-up roses. You might find a rose that will last forever–or at least a year or two.

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