20 Weirdest Celeb Couples – You May Be Surprised

 Photo credit:  / Imagecollect

Photo credit: / Imagecollect

2) Lady Gaga & Taylor Kinney

In 2011, this couple met on the set of Gaga’s music video for “You and I” from her album Born this Way. So why is this couple making our “weird” list? Really it’s because of how very normal they are. Despite being Mother Monster and completely outlandish onstage, Gaga seems to be just your average American girl when she’s home with her Boo. She claims that the best way to make a relationship work is by listening, and has said that she’s the “submissive” one in the couple. She also is pretty open about cooking her honey dinner, and just being his friend when they’re relaxing at home.

While the couple is monogamous, the bisexual Gaga has publically admitted to being open to a threesome with another woman. She also coyly hints at not wanting to kiss and tell too much.

Kinney has said that they’re just a “normal couple” who supports each other no matter what, and claims that their biggest problem is missing her while she’s on tour. Based on the adorable selfies they tend to tweet, we’d actually agree: they’re about as normal together as odd ducks can get.

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