15 Celebrities Who You Would Love To Have As A Girlfriend

Photo credit:   Gettyimages

Photo credit: Gettyimages

2) Jennifer Lawrence

Word of Jennifer’s wit, and self depreciating humor has spread across the internet like wild fire. She is the inspiration for dozens of memes and gifs trying to capture her humor. Some of the perks of hanging out with J Law include being able to eat, because the girl loves her groceries. Being able to be goofy, because it seems that she does not have the ability to be serious even when she is supposed to be.

She somehow balances dressing like a lady, looking like a vixen, and acting like your vulgar best friend.

She is active in several charities including The World Food Program, and Thirst Project. She also serves as official ambassador of the Special Olympics, proving that she is just a beautiful on the inside as she is in her red carpet attire. Surely though, her attire in X-men as Mystique has nothing to do with her appeal as a dream girlfriend.

Jennifer seems to enjoy her position in life, and has a healthy relationship with family. Who knows? Maybe a fan does have a chance. Matt Damon married a normal person, stranger things have happened.

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