20 Celebrities Who Married Ordinary People

Photo credit:   Gettyimages

Photo credit: Gettyimages

What with the tabloid weddings, familiar faces constantly getting together and breaking up, and the internet going wild with rumors about celebs we love loving each other, it can seem like the Hollywood dating scene is a closed circuit where only card-carrying members are allowed in.

But we know of at least fifteen celebrities who ditched the red carpet and married someone from the outside. Here they are…

1) Matt Damon & Luciana Barroso

While filming Stuck on You in 2003, Damon wandered into a Miami Beach bar where Luciana was working as a bartender. He hid behind the bar in order to escape the paparazzi and that’s where Luciana found him.

Two years later (on September 5, 2005), he gave her the classic and elegant platinum ring she wears to this day. The couple got married in a small, private, city hall ceremony in December 2005. They’ve been going strong ever since!

They have three children together (Isabella, Gia Zavala, and Stella Zavala) and are also raising Luciana’s daughter from a former marriage, Alexia. They have kept their romance strong with a “two-week rule”; Matt isn’t allowed to be away for more than two weeks at a time.

It must be working since he frequently gushes to reporters about his wife being his soul mate. Last year, the couple renewed their vows in San Lucia in a sunset ceremony.

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  • Sean Patriot


    • onetimetwice

      They probably like to fukc (sic) like anyone else. Your on a celeb site, complaining about celebs? Go on?

  • riko78213

    Everything was cool until they snuck in the dikes at the end.

    • Frank Rivera

      I thought one of them was a man.

    • Fred Keezer

      Isnt that actually “Danny” from the partridge family on the right with Cynthia nixon? wouldnt he be considered somewhat famous as well?

    • Lex

      …. You found nothing wrong about this article.. but the same sex couple at the end?

      You find nothing wrong with money marrying “ordinary” money… but you find something wrong with one of the only couples in this list to actually have to fight for their love? and didn’t break up a family with an affair to do it?

      You are the worst kind of person, with the worst definition for love and marriage.

      So sorry homosexuality threatens the sanctity of all these affair ridden fourth marriages.

  • foolproof

    Well if Patrick Dempsey’s wife is a “world famous makeup artist” then how can she also be an “ordinary person”. Maybe you meant Patrick Dempsey was the ordinary one…

  • foolproof

    Toth is an agent. Hardly Joe Average..

  • foolproof

    Sklar was not only a PR Exec for Hilfiger, she was also a freakin’ newlywed (to son of a Broadway mogul, forget his name..Nieidlander I think.) but she forgot those wedding vows pretty quick when a much bigger $$$ fish was interested in her.

  • Chad Campbell

    i didnt know i was 36 and i was born the same year as meryl streep got married. i thought i was only 26 damn i lost 10 years somewhere fyi to the writer 1987-2014 is only 26 years

    • Libertarian Advocate

      Yeah, someone needs remedial math classes.

    • Jean Hayes

      Precisely !!

    • Ali Reilly

      2014 – 1978 = 36

    • V.G.

      lol? dyslexia perhaps? The writer wrote 1978, YOU wrote 1987. Looks like you lost more than just “10 years somewhere”. If you get the hint.

      • Elliot Adams

        It’s possible this article’s writer went in and edited the date once Chad pointed our the mistake. I remember that happening in the past with other articles which had errors and a poster pointed out the mistake. When it’s edited like that it makes people like Chad look bad.

  • onetimetwice

    no opinion, just observation. celebrities are ordinary people. overpaid, sure. but that’s our society places their value. case in point, we’re here 🙂 But #2, a world famous makeup artist and a movie star? How do you define ordinary?

    • onetimetwice

      “Maguire was shooting Seabiscuit at Universal Studios when he bumped into Meyer, who happened to be his boss’s daughter.” Meyer is the daughter of Ronald Meyer, President and CEO of Universal Studios

      From a publicity or socioeconimic class, I’m not clear on who or how “ordinary” is defined here?

      • [email protected]

        It’s defined by money, status and who has it. I believe that’s pretty simple. Don’t like the whole thing, don’t patronise the machine that creates these monsters. Problem is, there’s always a crowd with no life that will. And then there are truly good people amongst the actors and Hollywood people. So keep an objective mind folks. It’s not an either or issue. My personal fav is Tom Hanks. He helps causes. He has worked hard to get where he has. His movies have covered some good subjects. And he has a good marriage. It only has to make him happy…not us! Gary of the Mojave

  • Frank Rivera

    Julia Roberts: America’s Sweetheart? At 50 yrs. old and how many marriages?

    • Yvette54

      Not to mention that Danny wasn’t only married, he was married with small children; which is why his wife fought so hard to hold on to the marriage.

  • Sean Patriot

    Why did they have to put the fags on here too

    • Mark Joll

      To make you happy?

    • Amanthasay

      A better question would be why the f— do you care?

      • Sean Patriot

        They’re freakin gross thats why

        • Chrissy Dellar

          What about them is gross? You wouldn’t have even known they were gay if the article didn’t tell you.
          If YOU think that they’re gross, then you to have a reality check!
          Or maybe shove your head down a toilet – that it something I would define as gross….

          • Sean Patriot

            Does this look right to you?

        • Amanthasay

          You’re gross for concerning yourself with the sexual behavior of complete strangers. Freak.

        • Lex

          You find nothing wrong with money marrying “ordinary” money… but you find something wrong with one of the only couples in this list to actually have to fight for their love? and didn’t break up a family with an affair to do it?

          You are the worst kind of person, with the worst definition for love and marriage.

          So sorry homosexuality threatens the sanctity of all these affair ridden fourth marriages.

    • [email protected]

      Yes…indeed…we must arouse the homophobes such as you Sean. Your more entertaining than the subject at hand. Gary of the Mojave

      • Sean Patriot

        Go slurp more man jizz

        • Jade Lee Mouillot

          don’t know if i’ll take your recommendations Sean Patriot- if it’s all the same I’ll leave more for you. Each to their own – but if your dad had the right to ‘slurp manjizz’ as you so passionately refer to it- perhaps you wouldn’t be here.

  • Dugan Mack

    someone better check their math… Either Meryl Streep was married in 1977, or she’s only been married for 27 years

  • dheepa630

    9.) Meryl Streep & Don Gummer
    Introduced through Streep’s brother Harry, this couple has now been married for thirty six years, making their marriage one of Hollywood’s longest lasting. The wedding was a quiet 1987 event at Streep’s parents’ home. Talk about a family affair.
    wait – i was born in 79 I thought i was turning 35 this year? how old am i really?

  • beejazz

    This is really not ordinary people. They are in the same industry as the people they married. For maybe the exception of Matt Damon.

  • Jesisca Benjamin

    Your loss, Matt Damon! (Although I’m sure she’s cool and stuff.)

  • Jj6969

    If Jillian Fink is a world-famous make up artist, then how can she be an ordinary person?

    • dibob

      Get a frikkin life

      • 4kidsandacat

        Says the guy who logged on to reply to the comments section of this stupid article.

    • 4kidsandacat

      It seems that most of these “ordinary” people were in show business somehow…notice almost none of them married some shop clerk. I can’t think of a purpose for this article, really, other than to bolster someone else’s Cinderella fantasy that they will be swept off their feet by their favorite celebrity, but some attention to detail seems to reinforce the idea that THAT just doesn’t happen.

      • Woogy Lewis

        It did strike me as odd that these “ordinary” people were either in the business or came with money, instead of being truly ordinary people.

  • Don’t be a Dick Morris

    What happened to his fist wife? I thought he married a blonde. What a fake scumbag.

  • Don’t be a Dick Morris

    Oh great an education activist. In other words, a mentally ill person who desperately wants to force other peoples children to learn about dildo’s.

    • Bill Thoms

      Damn Right. I always think that the word “activist” is a synonym for unemployed.

  • DawkFan2020

    Jon Bon Jovi and Dorthea Hurley

    • TryThinking1956

      They were both nobodies when they met in high school…

  • Toto Mañago

    To me these are NOT ordinary people but VERY SPECIAL people to those who know and love them.

  • TryThinking1956

    Jessica Sklar was also a newlywed when she “happened” to meet Seinfeld at the gym. And “America’s Sweetheart”? They neglect to add that Mr. Moder was a very married man when they began their affair. Why is everyone so down on Angelina, when Roberts and Aniston and Seinfeld can break up homes and no one says a thing?

    • dibob


    • Bill Braski

      Same reason women physically abusing men, in movies, commercials, and tv sit coms, is not only exceptable but funny!

      • kmq1


      • terencewiig

        It’s not acceptable to people that oppose abuse. It’s just a sad comment on mainstream trad pop culture that it’s allowed to slide.

    • Woogy Lewis

      Actually they did not neglect to add that Moder was married, and even mentioned his wife’s name. I did notice that many of these ‘ordinary’ people were married when they met their future celebrity spouses – I guess being a celebrity really does open doors…

      • Jazzy Jeff

        well Matt is a clever guy he did the right thing marrying an ordinary bartender!

    • Lex

      Because no one cares until the media tells them what to care about.

    • dcta


  • Cynthia Young-Jennings

    Ordinary people? Really? Just because someone “plays make believe” and gets paid for it doesn’t make them “non-ordinary”! Just means that they figured out a way to do it onstage and in front of the camera for big bucks!

    • valsore

      I agree. I’m feeling not so ordinary myself and yet nobody knows that except God and me, LOL.

  • Dave Nantz

    Of course they had to put a gay couple in there. Also, Meryl Streep has been hitched for 26, not 36 years. Do the math.

  • robotnik

    Never heard of Pompeo/Ivery, or Eric Bana, nor Marcia Cross, nor Cynthia Nixon. I thought these people were supposed to be well-known. Guess not. Doesn’t that make them just as ordinary as their spouses?

  • And who will protect them from the ordinary gold diggers?

  • Wizyrd

    He came to the rescue from his own drunken friend? Best. Wingman. EVER!

  • James McLarey

    Gotta love the headline. If celebs marry “ordinary” people, does that make the celebs EXTRAordinary? Apparently the editors/headline writers of this piece think so. That seems to be the mind-set. These self-important twits really piss me off. Celebrities don’t deserve the attention they get and for people to think they are extraordinary in any way is the same as saying teachers, milkmen, construction workers, waitresses, bankers, etc are in a lower class because they don’t have their pictures published in media. We are so fucking doomed.

    • gagirl

      I totally agree! They are way too full of themselves and think they should control politics??? They are way over paid and need a reality check!!

      • Bill Ferencz

        Reality has been checked. Some of them HAVE controlled politics. Missed this?

    • [email protected]

      The reality check is being ordinary means you’re happy, healthy and learned. And hopefully gainfully employed. If a person is lucky enough to have a ‘celeb’ life…so be it. Our freedom and health is our blessing. That is more than many have. That is a reality check for the celebs and the ordinary. That we have time to bitch about this is very comic. Gary of the Mojave

      • 4kidsandacat

        I don’t consider having a celeb life “lucky” and I’m guessing many of them wished they were “ordinary”.

        • AMH4

          Right on, 4kidsandacat!

    • jez

      Yet you clicked on this article…

      • James McLarey

        I read lots of stuff – – news, sports, politics, crime, science, entertainment as well as cultural (local, regional, national & international) and much more to find out what is going on in the world. Since you didn’t expand on your comment, I must guess your criticism is that I read something and then expressed an opinion on it. Beyond that, an I have no idea what possible point you are trying to prove with that comment. Peace, jez!

    • Wayne Boogie

      im with you. my kids dont see me as ordinary

    • Mirek

      That’s right… they should have said “commoners”. Isn’t it what they say when the royals marry down?

      • AMH4

        Ha ha.

    • Cody Icenta

      jealous much?

    • Precious Snowflake

      It’s the first thing I notice too. Celebrities are not royalty – they are ordinary people too. This shouldn’t need pointing out in America.

      Surely the headline should have been “Celebrities who married non-celebrities”.

      • Nigel Fuss

        I would certainly rank celebrities above royalty.

        • Mike Hunt

          Exactly – they earned it.

          • David Williamson

            How did or do they earn it? Celebrities are nobody special, even though some people treat them like they are. They are no different from you or me except they are over paid for what they do. A welder working at a factory works about 1,000 times harder than most if not all actors, yet their pay is way below that of the average celebrity. I wonder what the stunt person makes compared to the actors they protect, they should make more since they are saving the property of the money making machines. But I’m willing to bet they don’t. It’s baloney how the entertainment industry including sports is paid, ballplayers making close to 100 million a year for playing a game? Stupid, this is just my opinion but I feel strongly about it. Our whole economic model is upside down.

            The workers that move the economy and pay the salaries of sports figures and actors are getting the shaft from this economy. We should quit watching sports and anyone in the entertainment industry until their salaries come in check with reality. A musician with a couple of hit songs becomes a millionaire. It’s just wrong. Sorry I went on a bit3h session but this is a sore spot with me.
            but this really irritates me.

      • Stacie Noonan

        and Royalty are ordinary people too. Likewise If Royalty was based on looks Queen Elizabeth II wouldn’t even be allowed in the building for the audition.

        • Eva

          Elizabeth was a real beauty when she was young.

          • RASHAJ8888

            Clean your reading glasses

          • Fed Up

            I agree and what’s more is she was brave and heroic. I am in no way saying she was perfect but she was certainly a strong monarch and stood with her people during the war when it was suggested the royal family leave for safety reasons.

          • coldtusker

            I think you mean QE2’s mother… QE2 was a young princess in 1939

        • Mandy Gonzales

          are you kidding me Stacie, The Queen was a stunning looking younger woman, don’t know who you are mixed up with, maybe her daughter Anne..QE11 would have blitzed em!

        • axelheist

          It’s all in the breeding.

      • Willie Vassie

        “WHO” married “WHO”?

        • nastybrutishshort

          who married whom, I beg to point out.

      • nastybrutishshort

        How about people who married other people….
        I hate this country, it’s so completely (deleted).

    • Bitsy

      They pay each other exorbitant amounts of money for a couple of months work. Then tell each other how wonderful they are. They then buy mansions, yachts, expensive cars and think they are special. They are actors – getting paid for pretending. Teachers, milkmen, construction workers, waitresses, grocery owners contribute something concrete to society. Actors just entertain. Our values are so screwed up.

      • nicmart

        You been reading your Karl Marx again!

        • FJ doreza

          Marx was a Zionist Jew that created Communism with Engel and with the funding of Schiff, a Zionist Jew banker. Communism is a Zionist Jew creation.

          • RUDY ARIS

            Actually, Marx was not a Zionist.Had he been, he would have wanted to create an Israeli nation, which is not, in fact, what he wanted. Maybe you should do some studying before you repeat the anti-semitic propaganda you’ve been brainwashed with. Besides, Marx never supported Judaism.

          • nastybrutishshort

            who. He was a zionist WHO created……
            even I know this.

      • dcta

        Then please do stop going to movies and watching TV. It is the viewing public who make their remuneration what it is.

        • Bitsy

          Already pretty much done. You are right about the viewing public.

      • GinaF

        You sound very angry

    • happel

      I came to this link from another page to rant based upon this absurd headline. You did speak nearly as I thought, so I’ll merely add, “I agree.”

    • Cheryl cheri lady

      Agree -got to number 3 and that was enough for me.

    • mjb

      Agree, they should say people not in the public eye or non-celebrity……

    • Amy Marshall

      Celebrities forget – It is ORDINARY people who make them what they are.

      • Fedner Simeon

        So true babe,…If I were a CELEBRITY which I could possibly be, lol..i’d pick you Amy Marshall…lol your statement u made qualifies you. 😉

    • Maverick Doe

      The media has helped create this sense of royalty in our celebrities which fans play into in an ever-intensifying cycle. People would rather spend hundreds and thousands of dollars annually to be “entertained” by these people than to spend that same money on things that should be more important…health care, police, firefighters, and teachers. People would much rather spend time reading this article than they would reading an article that details the achievements of a teacher in Oregon, or about a new scientific breakthrough in medicine. The profit-driven media knows what sells. Maybe if we (as a society) stop paying so much attention to these people, the media will stop paying so much attention to them as well.

      • Michael

        My city paid tens of millions in overtime for cops to be at concerts, etc. Cops are pulling in big bucks these days.

    • Mickus

      They are if you like ppl who’s talents are lieing out of their ass and getting paid for it… That is all they do and are ……Liers

    • C.

      ‘Extraordinary’ is your assumption. They may have meant ‘abnormal’. In any case, you cannot believe that celebs on a certain level lead ‘ordinary’ lives, whether they choose to or not..

    • Linda Robertson


    • nicmart

      I was with you at the beginning, but then you lost me. Celebrities are often “self-important twits” precisely because they ARE ordinary people, and this is what ordinary people become when they have fame and riches visited upon them.

    • GinaF

      Oh for pete’s sake – Get over yourself – this isn’t a life and death situation. Sounds like sour grapes to me. Yes we are all equal, any reasonable person understands this, but you want to make a federal case out of it. You must be suffering from very low self-esteem

    • April Blayney

      I hear ya, but if you are ok with what you do/who you are, why would it bother you so much that someone even calls or thinks of celebs as extraordinary? I’m not saying that all actors/actresses are of only one personality type, but I’m guessing that the majority of them love the excitement of it all, even if only at first or just love their craft – and they entertain us – and humans crave entertainment, partly due to the great diversion from our often ‘ordinary’ lives. Don’t forget that media sells using headlines and good copywriting – but sometimes exaggerates or stretches reality – it’s just business. What’s important is that you and I feel valued by others. Pay it forward – treat others well, and it won’t matter what one does!

  • Dina Hoofus

    Not ordinary – STUPID.

  • PA1974

    If Streep was married in 1987, their 27th Anniversary will occur in 2014. Not 36 years as stated.

  • John Joyce

    Luciana is the one who married an ordinary person.. From the looks of this couple.. if Damon hadn’t been a low-talent left wing backed liberal actor, he never would have gotten a hot looking chick who looked like that to marry him… Matt Damon is NOT a handsome guy.. and he’s short and has no brain and no talent… but he has money and fame and that’s why he got that bar waitress to marry him.. He did not marry “beneath” him.. SHE married “beneath” her.

    • Yvette54

      Matt Damon is really 5’10” tall (the real thing, not the Tom Cruise 5’10”). His bad luck–and why insecure males think he’s so ‘short’–lies in the fact that his best pal, Ben Affleck, is 6’3″ tall. To people who don’t know Affleck’s height, Matt Damon looks short in comparison. Most of his female co-stars, with the exception of Scarlett Johannsson (5’3″ whom he towered over in “We Bought a Zoo”), are 5’7″ (Emily Blunt), 5’8″ (Julia Stiles), 5’81/2″ (Cate Blanchett), 5’9″ (Gwyneth Palthrow), and 5’91/2″ (Charlize Theron).

      Why let ideology blind you? You come off sounding like you have a bad case of ‘sour grapes.’ When ‘you’ write an Oscar winning screenplay about a mathematical genius, we’ll talk again about how brainless Matt Damon is. 🙂 And his peers (other actors/actress) will undoubtedly tell you that Damon is one of the most gifted actors of his generation. Oh and Luciana was a bartender, not a waitress.

      • idiocracyrules

        5-10 is short where I come from. Entry level bottom line tall is 6-0.

      • [email protected]

        I’m a weekend warrior musician. I’ve seen plenty of bartenders operate. They must remember a lot of things to do their jobs. Not the least of which is all the different types of drinks people want and how to do it quickly. Plus, they haul ass. So male or female, a bartender is nothing to laugh at. It’s hard work! It takes a diligent person to do the job correctly. This is coming from a person who was a nurse. A somewhat similar job. And sometimes you wonder if the bartender isn’t better at psychiatry…even without the medical training. Gary of the Mojave

  • John Joyce

    Tina Fey marries some short Greek guy, actually a rather handsome man.. Good going Tina.. Like Matt Damon (see my last deleted post) you also married over your head.. What chance would a sk-ank like you have had at landing a handsome guy like that if you had not been backed by the Marxist left wing *&^ who own the media.. good for you you liberal, rich, no talent left wing ska**nk…

    • john smith

      your bashing of Damon or Fey just cause they back progressive causes (most of which, if not all, are fairly controversial) is completely out of place but since you’ve been insisting in inserting politics, post after post, I’m gonna try to lower the discussion to the level of a Tea Party welfare queen like you. sour grapes in the trailer park?? it is thanks to enlightened progressives that you got a roof over your head, or a
      trailer in this case, and food on your table, yet you’re still a
      resentful and hateful wingnut who’ll always vote in lumpen fashion, against his best
      interests. Just give me a straight answer on 44th: great President or best President ever?

  • John Hayes

    Like these scum bag movie stars think they are somehow different than us regular folk? I think they are really ordinary. Difference is they have massive egos and tend to use their so called “stardom” for political gains, fricking scum bags……….all of them

  • george smithson

    Geez, can’t quite get the math right, eh? If they married in 1987, then 36 years would be 2023, correct? Geez…

  • American ex-Pat

    “Celebrities Who Married Ordinary People”, really? What is an “ordinary people”?
    Jeeze, get over the obsession with these mostly high school dropouts that happened to get a break in Hollywood or wherever. They put their pants on one leg at a time, and hopefully wipe their arses just the same as us “ordinary people”! What a crock!

    • thelastmoderate

      I disagree. I sit on the side of the bed and put my pants on both legs at the same time. I guess I’m not ordinary.

      • BigR2

        LOL. I tried that once, just because. My toenails overheated when the denim slid over them. NEVER do this in Levi’s.

    • Yvette54

      A non-celebrity.

    • BigR2

      The last couple…..please point out the “ordinary” one for me. Both are out of norm to the mainstream.

    • EozS

      They mean a non-actor.

  • Steve Berger

    Matt Damon has great taste in women! Beautiful!

  • another_engineer

    Obviously by “ordinary” they don’t mean “plain jane”.

  • Americassage

    Matt Damon’s wife is not ordinary, whatever that means. She is beautiful and a great partner. One more idiotic list.

    • SST

      Hay!! You stole my profile image =)

    • [email protected]

      Whatever she is, Matt got a drop dead gorgeous human female for a wife. And she just might be a pretty nice person also. I hear that counts for something. Gary of the Mojave

  • EriktheRed

    Rick Springfield married a receptionist at the studio he recorded “Working Class Dog” at.

  • Debbie Swanson Cavins

    Unless she married in 1978 she could not be married 36 years. Hubby and I were married in 79 and are going on 35 years this year.

  • tom messner


    • Donald H Sullivan

      Yep. we’re the peons. The folks who memorize lines and fake their emotions are the royalty.

  • Roland Gutierrez

    who cares

  • edwardgore

    That chick matt married dont look ordinary to me…she looks hott!!

  • edwardgore

    .ahhh..julia’s getting older….

  • edwardgore

    tina is soo hott!! I bet she’s a stone freak in bed!!

  • edwardgore

    jeff was so cool in TRON!!

  • yannaro

    So that make celebrities, what, extraordinary people??????

  • Lionel Mandrake

    Well, not everyone can be as spectacular as a Celeb Romance writer…..

  • msueh

    the title is ridiculous. “celebrities” are no more “special” or extraordinary than all of us.

  • Gen

    Ordinary? Who the fuck do you think you are? What about a celebrity them makes them so extraordinary that you would insult not just their spouses but anyone else who doesn’t play make believe on camera for money? At least they are human, you vile piece of putrescent medical waste.

    • SST

      Take it easy there, Lefty….

    • Donald H Sullivan


  • Wayne Lehr

    Actors are ordinary people, it is society that puts them up on a pedestal and thinks they are something special. They have a job just like I have one, they just happen to be on screen. ZZZZZZZZZZZZ…

  • hanna cohen

    they were ordinary once as well

  • El Cid

    Who or what determines “ordinary”?. Some of these people do not seem ordinary to me
    and some seem more extraordinary than the so called “celebrities”. Just my thoughts.

    • Donald H Sullivan

      What’s extraordinary about a thespian? Now the likes of Colin Kelly, Alvin York, Audie Murphy, or Douglas MacArthur, I would call extraordinary.

  • Gauldax

    What they should have titled this was ‘Celebs Who Married People Outside the Entertainment Industry’, which still wouldn’t be true since most on the list are in the entertainment industry, just behind the scenes.

  • gagirl

    Most celebrities are regular people, some are just scum…who else would they marry, royalty???

    • MrNewCastrati

      I dunno. Ask Grace Kelly.

  • mattcable33

    Pretty broad definition of “ordinary people” here. I count maybe six.

  • JoeDrager

    How on earth could anyone even be seen with an ordinary person, much less be married to an ordinary person? Ordinary people might see this article, and then do the right thing; kill themselves.

    • [email protected]

      If you’re ordinary, healthy and you live in a decent country…like the US…then nothing should keep you from at least some happiness. I have my own challenges. But don’t we all. It’s good to be ordinary. Death comes soon enough. Enjoy your life while you have it. Gary of the Mojave

  • Matt Yeomans

    But are they married in the eyes of God?

  • M McCoy

    Adam Baldwin…Non-spotlight/Non-Hollywood job for the wife when they got hitched…I wanna say 26-27 years ago – sometime after he finished Full Metal Jacket.

  • Betty Middleton Jobbins

    The two Dikes: Nixon and Marinoni make me sick to my stomach. Gays make me sick, too. It is so unnatural to think of two people of the same sex having sex. God calls it an abomination, unnatural and worthy of death. I agree with God on that score.

    • liberalinlove

      What are you doing thinking about them having sex?

    • MrNewCastrati

      Marinoni is so hot. Easy to see why this relationship happened.:-))

      • idiocracyrules

        Your idea of hot either is based on actual temperature or your standards are ridiculously low.

        • Lex

          Because everyone follows the mainstream standard of beauty..

          You really live up to your screen name.. Idiocracy does rule.. because people like you put it in place.

    • andrew ajax

      God thinks you’re an idiot … I guess I have to agree with God on that score.

    • Chrissy Dellar

      God also says “Judge not, lest ye be judged”
      You have no right to prosecute them for the way that they are. They have no choice. YOU do. If God has an issue (if there is even a god) then they’ll find out later.
      You are intolerant, rude, arrogant, and probably a hypocrite. I’m sure that you’ve NEVER done anything that the bible tells you not to do *please note my sarcasm*

  • liberalinlove

    How about actors who married quality people???

  • Jeremiah

    These celebrities make me sick to my stomach. They don’t have any talent worth a damn and can all go screw themselves. I work harder in my left finger tip than half these celebrities. I spend hours upon hours drawing thousands of pictures and putting cartoons together which is more than I can say for any of these celebrities. Here is my most recent cat cartoon all drawn done from a computer mouse https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7-q_mnx2QDY all time funniest cat ever but I don’t get paid half the millions these celebs do

    • andrew ajax

      You get paid for that crap? That seems more than a little hard to believe … If it’s true, either someone hates having money so much they’re giving it away to you because it’s easier than flushing it down a toilet, or you’re not as completely devoid of talent as that animated mess above makes it appear …
      if, in fact, you’ve talked someone into paying you for that four-minute lobotomy.

      I’ve been in car accidents funnier than your so-called “cartoon”.

      The entire first minute is little more than the backs of two crudely drawn hands stuck in the air, for no apparent reason, as if waiting to be tossed a basketball. Way to hook the audience right from the start with an inexplicable waste of time (even if it was only a minute, it was the longest minute of my life). You could use an editor, for sure … and an artist … and a writer … and someone other than a dim-witted fourth-grader to do the voices.

      Anytime one of those celebrities you hate farts, they are expressing far greater, and more clearly obvious talent than you’ve displayed with that spit-up you describe as a “cartoon”. In fact, relative to “Kitty Cat Counseling”,
      each celebrity fart is worth every penny of the “millions” of dollars more they
      receive than you do for your “hours upon hours drawing thousands of pictures” … (as if you receive anything other than a few well-earned insults)

      Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad you have a “hobby” that keeps you indoors for long stretches of time … no doubt your parents and therapist are very relieved, as well. However, you’d be doing everyone a huge favor if you took up stamp collecting instead.

  • MrNewCastrati

    Looks like some of the “ordinary people” got the short end of the stick.

  • Josiah Payne

    Um…Celebrities are ordinary people too. They just have more interesting jobs than some of the rest of us.

  • Sojourner Truth

    I found this interesting until the publishers plant two lesbians in your face as though this were some kind of marriage on an equal par with the others. Getting pretty tired of gay politics.

    • Hrm

      I found it interesting you’d use the name of a civil rights activist to be disparaging of gay people and complain about their “politics” because they want the same rights as the rest of us.

      • Sojourner Truth

        They already had the same rights under civil unions. The re-definition of marriage to include same sex couples was done to create a special class of people for the purpose of marginalizing Christians and making the First Amendment meaningless. Homosexuality is a behavior, not a race or ethnicity, and would not appear on any form of official identification like a passport or birth certificate.

        • FredNerx

          It would be interesting if it did appear on passports.

        • Lex

          Yet all scientific evidence and all modern research suggests its not a choice and in fact has been something people have been born with since before recorded history…

          Know whats also against god? A second marriage, and affairs, Hell adultery is one of the 10 commandments.. and homosexuality is just as much of an abomination as shellfish, yet I am sure you eat shrimp.. so is mixing fabrics.. got any cotton/polyester shirts? I am sure you do!

          But for SOME reason you do not seemed troubled by them at all..

          maybe its less a homosexual agenda… and more so you are a nitpicking bigot?

    • Lex

      Its so sad they would stick a loving lesbian couple who had to actually FIGHT for their love in with all these affair ridden second and third marriages…

      I mean love is something you fight for if it means something to you… Just sad that a LOVING couple would be grouped in with all these cheaters and home wreckers 🙁

      Oh wait… your offended by the loving couple… not the cheaters and home wreckers… well… you have a very odd definition of love….

      Its ok to get married for money, or connections, and then sleep with other people when soemthing better comes along.. But god forbid two people that actually love eachother enough to fight for it do…

  • Billy Bob

    As far as I’m concerned, celebrities are ordinary people.

  • kayeellen

    you idiots … just because they are more money and recognizable names … doesn’t make them any less ordinary than you, me and thee … stop IDOLIZING them!

  • Steven Bissell

    What is an ‘ordinary’ person? I’ve never met one.

  • Maggie O’Connor

    Jim Toth is not an ordinary person, he is one of the biggest money men in Hollywood.

  • idiocracyrules

    So celebrities marry “ordinary” people, Christie meets with the “common” people and Obama talks to the “folks”. All of these are derogatory terms. All three of these men are just people like the rest of us. I am not impressed by any of them and would not consider them better if I were. The news media adds to class distinctions also by using terms such as these.

  • idiocracyrules

    Thinking about it, most celebrities marry for sex appeal. In that sense the celebrities are the ordinary people and their partners are the extraordinary people. At least the term makes sense when we are walking about looks.

  • JaySFO

    “15 Celebrities who married ordinary people”

    Bulletin: celebrities *are* ordinary people.

  • G.Golds

    I’m a bit confused. By the time I got to number 10, I realized that only the FIRST, Matt Damon actually married someone ordinary. All the others are high life professionals or producers, or writers, or movie execs, or relatives of film moguls. So WHO exactly are they taking about????. I DO however want to mention that I was fixed up with a well known supermodel in 1996 and dated for 6 months. HOWEVER< she was a total nutjob, anorexic, coke head, alcoholic. She was a blast but having never had any experience with someone so f….ed up I gave her the benefit of the doubt, primarily because the sex was so insanely good and she was famous. Outside of that, there wasn't much to write home about. My family hated her and she constantly scared me with her unbalanced psychotic personality. Be careful what you wish for, it may be exactly the opposite of the fantasy.

  • ralph Indigo

    Celebrities are ordinary people who are just a bit messed up.

  • David Lubega

    What kind of ordinary are we? Go find out at winanexback.org. You will be surprised.

  • Missourimule

    “ordinary people”? The great disservice that we do to actors and actresses is to NOT treat them as ordinary people — which they are.

  • dibob

    REALLY WGAFF !!!get life you Bozos who think this is something important in your miserable life.

  • worldscam

    Celebrities aren’t ordinary people? Hahaaaha. The article should be retitled, “Good People who married Attention Hound Morons!”

  • redheart

    Does he know who she is???

  • Linda Whisler

    She’s not ordinary to him, and that’s what matters.

  • chris

    celebs who married ordinary people ? I guess the Elite class makes nes when they get married to a ordinary person…. it reminds me of Rose falling in love with jack who had to stay in the bottom deck

  • BigSoulRocker

    Out of all the black famous people is show business. You mean to tell me that not one of them married a commoner? You have got to me joking.

  • sktuc

    You mean Movie Stars are GODDDDDSSSSS???? Their extract doesn’t stink like the rest of us. They don’t have to eat and drink like us Commoners????????
    They see Shrinks, get Divorced within 2 years, do lots of Drugs and they call us Commoners.
    Seems to me that they all die just like everybody else and a lot of them from stupidity with Drugs.

  • JoeDrager

    Anyone who is foolish enough to marry an ordinary person should be banned from Hollywood. All we need is a bunch of part-ordinary kids running up and down Hollywood and Vine.

  • LuLu

    Celebrities ARE ordinary people!

  • Joe

    Makes sense. They’re ordinary people anyway. If you’ve met as many as I have, you realize celebs are not worthy of the pedestal people put them on.

  • Sanityisrare

    Gee…I wonder if Celebs actually use the bathroom ?

  • Dawn Harsley

    Celebrities are “ordinary people” who happen to read a script and memorize lines. They’re no more special than anyone else. They just think they are.

  • Baho Puwetmoh

    im ashamed for reading this trash
    OOOOoooh, 20 celebrities who have aged terribly! *click*


    Why wasn’t I expecting this lesbian couple. I guess I still live in fantasy land. And yeah, they have one son together.

    • FredNerx

      They don’t have a son together. only a man and woman can do that no matter how much some people twist language and pretend they can alter reality. These two look after a child together.

      • Lex

        You are the kinda person Jesus really wanted to slap.. I hope you do realize this…

  • forGodsoloved

    I guess the writer should of worded it differently…15 Hollywood movie stars marry people we don’t ever see in the movies. now, that seems extraordinary.

  • Mex Seiko

    This people confuse famous with extraordinary.

    Matt Damon is an ordinary, famous guy who was attracted by a beautiful woman that wasn’t famous.

  • valsore

    I don’t see anyone in this article as ordinary. I guess each of us is unique and extraordinary is some ways.

  • Pizza the Hutt

    Infamous talk show? Really!!

  • BadBob

    Absolutely true. When entertainers marry entertainers, they just compete with each other and that never lasts. Ordinary, what a poor choice of words.

  • Vince6816

    Two observations, ordinary people are the gardner who cares for Meryl Streep’s yard or the cashier at the Whole Foods in Santa Monica, not your publicist or the studio execs daughter. And bye the way, two dykes don’t construe a normal relationship.

  • Stop2think

    Damon’s head has its own gravitational field

  • Pablo Rages

    mmm I think she might be considered Extraordinary in the looks dept …. how do you judge ordinary? …. Stars are really just Lucky …. so many tell stories of how they got that crucial part ..and it’s nearly always luck … I think it’s funny how people with wealth or fame think “I did it my way” as if they got there by their extraordinary talents …. circumstance, parents, siblings, friends, genes, experiences, the country or culture you live in, serendipity, all of these things influence where you are in life…and you have absolutely no control on them … we are all interconnected … life is mostly chance … you can be lucky…or unlucky … sure you can behave in a way that MIGHT increase your chances .. but not by much …there are no guarantees and anyone who thinks they deserve their wealth or fame is egotistic and deluded.

  • NJH

    Meryl Streep – ‘and she still wears it until this day’. Leaving aside the dreadful grammar, if she’s still married, why on earth wouldn’t she? A sculptor is no more nor less ‘ordinary’ than an actor, as are the majority of the other occupations listed. What an entirely specious article, as is the presumption that being famous makes you in some way extraordinary.

  • Mark Witmer

    Matt got him a real honey

  • mathewmakio

    15 celebrities who actually found out what love is.

  • Pete Card

    I must have had my head in the sand for 45 years , I only recognise a few names on this list , wouldn’t reconise them if I passed them in the street .

  • GaLuburt

    I would not call her Ordinary she is Hot and Matt has Great Taste in Women.

  • GaLuburt

    Oh all goes well in america when the credit merry go round is going flat out as soon as the creditors want their money back suddenly every one sucks. you poor poor fuckling losers. Pay Your Debts back to England. You borrowed now its time to pay that money back.

  • Erin Guzowski-Aslanian

    Nothing ORDINARY about Patrick Dempsey’s wife-that woman is a sight for sore eyes! Simply breath-taking! I must admit I find it in POOR TASTE that the headline was “ordinary” people… Having celebrity status doesn’t make you EXTRAORDINARY- saving lives does, contributing to science or bettering the world does, but acting does NOT. Also, the people these actors married are mostly successful all in their own rights! I wouldn’t considering agents, investors, and business owners as common, they’ve already achieved what maybe only 5% of America has, which is success, innovation and hefty paychecks. Articles like this are fun to read, but you should really be more careful in choosing your words, you should know better, you are in journalism, are you not? Signed-a successful model A.K.A. one of the “ordinary people” by your standards. . .

  • I am offended by the words “ordinary people” So what so-and-so is famous
    for their acting…. they are n fact just ordinary people too who pretend to
    be other people for a living.

    • khizar_07

      You’re absolutely right these stars are not as successful as there acting to be!
      Million dollars salaries? Far from it, now below what would call minimum wage in a developed world economy with mortgages on properties in the 10’s of millions!
      Marry a righteous person and you will be rock solid for richer and for poorer!
      It did not take long for Mrs Office Paperclip to ditch her husband for the cash!
      The only problem is that even devils seem to think that they’re somehow angels!

  • Fairview65

    She is ordinary? She looks dazzling to me! I would say Damon is a lucky guy.

  • Tammie Cox

    I thought the point of them saying Celebrities who married ordinary people, was only that they didn’t marry celebrities. Not that celebrities are above others… just that the people who they married were relatively unknown (and not saying they’re unimportant)

    • I agree. Most people live ordinary lives, not the lives of celebrities with the paparazzi following them around, even if they are gorgeous, or talented. For this piece on celebrities’ spouses, the word ordinary seems appropriate.

      I think, too, that the word ordinary can be applied to many other situations, where one part of the group is different from the rest, so that airplane pilots are ordinary compared to astronauts, or university graduates are ordinary compared to professors. So it can be about career and social status too.

      Myself, I prefer just an ordinary cuppa tea, not some of the fancy flavours around. But I do prefer Typhoo, cause it’s anything but ordinary.

  • Jaels_Song

    Jeff Bridges wife looks like Laura Bush.

  • cleve_blakemore

    In declining societies, the genetic dregs and runts of the litter come to the fore and dominate it as it spirals into destruction. The ancient Romans worshipped all kinds of minor freak circuses as their end approached for reasons so obscure and petty it is difficult to believe anyone could be that desperate to pray to a false and hollow idol.

    Our reality show “stars” are a perfect parallel and proof that history is a tragic cyclic play where the actors change but the story is always the same. Rome had the equivalent of our modern media in a kind of mutual admiration society for people who were “famous” for being famous. All of them were perverts, cowards and scumbags without any discernible virtues. People seem to be drawn to examples that will drag them to their own deaths in declining civilizations. I would say Emperor Nero would be a very close parallel to our current President, a native born Kenyan whose own friends said he skipped class on his foreign student scholarship to work as a teenage crackhead manwhore.

    Do you think “food celebs” are a recent phenomenon? Wrong! Gourmets in Rome commanded huge fan clubs and wrote books that made them very wealthy. The Romans were mainly concerned with food and sex when the barbarians broke down the city gates and put them out of their misery by decapitating them standing up.

    This time, the barbarians will be packing nuclear weapons. That’s the big difference you should worry about.

    • IngaBinga

      I worry more about people like you blathering jabberwocky on comment boards like this. Mental health has become a serious issue.

  • Gay Man Adopting

    hilarious. Most of these ordinary people where actually very successful in their own areas – just not celebrities…

    • IngaBinga

      Which is exactly what the article states; they weren’t celebrities.

      • Gay Man Adopting

        not sure I see your point? the article doesn’t state they are successful – it implies they are lesser people for not being celebrities by being ‘ordinary’ which is crass

  • affr

    lol. “ordinary people” .. as a pose to? I’m not sure i understand why it seems many people (not everyone) cares more about celebrities than their own families or lives..

    Celebrities are not better people than everyone else.. They are “ordinary people” too lol.. It’s just that people make such a big deal out of it (which is just an illusion) People who think this way need to seriously re-evaluate their own lives. It’s perverse.

  • loverpoint

    There are some of these couples that look right for each other :
    1- Jeff Bridges and Susan Geston
    2- Reese Witherspoon and Jim Toth
    3 – Matt Damon and Luciana Barroso

    Probably the trashiest chick in all of these marriages is Jennifer Skylar. Sounds like the only thing she is attracted to is money. To bad they didn’t post a picture of what her 1st husband ( we assume ) Nederlander looked like. Not like Seinfeld is the best looking apple in the barrel.

  • Carollia

    Jennifer “Meyer, who happened to be his boss’s daughter. Meyer’s father Ron Meyer, the President of Universal Studios, kept a laundry list of Hollywood connections running in and out of her life as she grew up (which explains how she could meet Maguire and remain un-star-struck enough to be smooth)” …..she wasn’t that ordinary

  • jim

    like Matt isn’t ordinary what a joke he is as normal looking as it gets. he isn’t royalty.

  • mwpncookeville

    Matt Damon’s wife may not be famous but ordinary? NOT!

  • Bill E. BOBB

    yeah, i agree, damon is ordinary

  • Bob price

    the last pair will never be a “couple” they may be married, but they will never have kids naturally and never have the same love and commitment as one would have with their equal, opposite sex, partner, it just is not possible. and it aint me sayin it… It is something so much more powerful than anything any of us can fathom. so if you disagree with me, I don’t care, if you call me names and “homophobic”, I actually laugh at that one.,, It is what it is… I didn’t make the rules, I just try to follow them as closely as possible. not like them.

  • Bob price

    OK the Nazi politically police got me on this one and I had to change it up a bit for them to be fooled… they are SOOOOOOOO smart about this kind of thing,,,, can you see what changes I had to make???? please don’t be obvious
    the last pair will never be a “couple” they may be married, but they will never have kids naturally and never have the same love and commitment as one would have with their equal, opposite sex, partner, it just is not possible. and it aint me sayin it… It is something so much more powerful than anything any of us can fathom. so if you disagree with me, I don’t care, if you call me names and “h om oph ob ic”, I actually laugh at that one.,, It is what it is… I didn’t make the rules, I just try to follow them as closely as possible. not like them.

    • Lex

      ” never have the same love and commitment as one would have with their equal, opposite sex, partner”

      Two people who FOUGHT to love each-other are not as committed or love each other as much as people having affairs and on their fourth marriage?

      Really? You actually believe that? If so, you have a deranged idea of what love and commitment really are.

  • Bob price

    lets see if this works

  • Bob price

    oh boy,,, cant be biblical… NO NO NO No


    Nothing ordinary about those partners.

  • John

    Celebrities are ordinary people, only difference is they are so for up their own arse it must hurt

  • CanadaCraig

    ‘dwarfish’? Was that necessary? [re:Jeff Richmond]

  • Jamie Parsons

    Actors are ordinary people too y’know.
    If these celebrities are somehow extraordinary then their spouses are too.

  • Steven Chavez

    LOVE…is a beautiful thing…I’m happy for all those who Love and respect their partner, many don’t take marriage seriously…

  • MC Disagree

    Most of this is ehh hogwash… or who cares, but I will say I thought Jason Borne’s experience seems more true to what the article was trying to convey.

  • Norah

    Celebrities who married ordinary people: The explanation written for Jeff Bridges and Susan Geston is terribly written. It is confusing and appears to have been written by someone who was out of it. Poor writing. Needs better oversite (quality control) before the final information is put online.

  • Norah

    Celebrities who married ordinary people: Re: Matt Damon and Luciana Barroso, it says she has a child, Alexia, from a previous marriage. If anyone out there actually knows this, who was she married to (when and where)? When were they divorced and where? Why so much secrecy about this? I’ve noticed when someone asks these questions online (about Luciana Barroso) that nasty comments ensue. Why?

    • Dez Yman

      none of your business thats why? who did you last sleep with and were ? …. exactly? none of my business

  • TMB

    Hollywood to fake, arrogant and disposable for the so-called Ordinary People I hang around with. Only in America fame, fortune and good looks is placed on a pedestal above wisdom, common sense, intelligence, bravery and humanity.

  • Mark

    It should read “Attention grabbing Freaks who Marry Balanced People.”.

  • rick

    You’re all wrong – they ARE special because they can read lines in front of a camera while pretending to be someone else. That’s just so incredible, to be able to do that. It’s rarer than pigeon lips.

  • Victoria M.

    Celebrities are ORDINARY people – we are all ORDINARY people. Some of us do EXTRARORDINARY things for which we are not paid. And some of us do things for which we are EXTRAORDINARILY paid hugs sums of money. Some of us become EXTRAORDINARILY famous for doing LITTLE OR NOTHING of redeeming value. But, never forget, these people are still ORDINARY, like the rest of us.

  • Steven Slayton

    Celebrities Who Married Non-Celebrities. Wow…wasn’t that difficult.

  • William Franklin

    People who are not celebrities are regular people. The headline is the worst. Marriages are very difficult under the best circumstances and no one knows what is happening except the couple. Support marriage.

  • Dilbert

    If her be “ordinary” then that makes him what, odd, extra-ordinary, special, special needs???

  • moonstruk

    so glad they are doing well. I wish them that for as long as they both live. she is a real beauty. Matt has always reminded me of a dear friend who was a just like a family brother. I do wish you would star in better family productions.

  • David Williamson

    Calling people not from Hollywood’s elite circle ordinary, is just disgusting. I’m not ordinary and neither is anyone I have ever meet. We all are unique, what makes your Hollywood people any different. If the headline read “Hollywood Stars Marry Outside of Their Over Priced Media Zoo”, then I might not be complaining. But you didn’t. You don’t know me and I don’t want to know you. So please don’t go around calling the people that really work, really push the economy anything but extraordinary, thank you!

  • Steven M. Lancer

    I’ll wager none of these celeb’s think their Loved One’s ordinary !!!

  • Mr. Kevin Jones

    That is awesome for Matt and Luciana.

  • Lucy Ball

    Every celebrity is a “ordinary person” just like the rest of us.

  • Eva

    O’Brien –the man I call rooster because of his rooster comb haircut- why would anyone want him? Ugh!

  • LionKing

    Married ordinary people? What?… are there some out there that don’t squat to do a bowel movement??

  • Will

    The way I read this title is, Celebrities who married outside of the show business industry.

  • Andrew

    This is rubbish, only a couple of them on this list are ordinary people (the waiters etc), the others mostly work within the entertainment industry and are around celebrities all the time.

  • Gwendolyn

    stupid move

  • IamBatman

    ask any celebs and they’ll say they’re ordinary people. it’s the “ordinary” people that turns the celebs into “extra ordinary”

  • Hugh_Oxford

    “Infamously shorter”. Oh the infamy of a different stature!

  • Fairview65

    Ordinary people? She is stunning and any man would be lucky to marry such a beauty!

  • So happy that straights and gays are allowed to be married. I was in Canada. I am a lesbian who has a blog http://stories4hotbloodedlesbians.com

  • con

    somewhat yawn making collection of mostly unknown people. T-E-D-I-O-U-S.

  • Mike

    15 Celebrities That Married Non-Celebrities…that would have more appropriate.

  • casha scy

    Reese Witherspoon & Jim Toth
    Toth works as a professional talent agent and has been head of the motion picture talent division at Creative Artists Agency since 2010.
    yeah I know tons of ordinary people who do that for a living. l.o.l.

  • Willie Vassie

    “CELEBRITIES”!?? What makes them so “CELEBRATED”?
    As to stoop low enough to marry “ORDINARY ” people?
    I`ve said it before and I shall say it again. IT IS ONLY THE SAD AND OR LONELY peoplE of this World who make these so called celebrities celebrities.

  • Linda Robertson

    What are you suggesting that an actor is an extra ordinary person? Did they discover the cure for cancer? Did they save a life? This is ridiculous!

  • Green Lama

    Isn’t it cute how they just dumped their spouses for their new “loves”? Most disgusting is Sklar.

  • Green Lama

    Why do women who claim to love women end-up with women who look like men???

  • paul fredine

    give me a break. what gives you the right to classify someone as ordinary? the person you fall in love with is an extraordinary person in your eyes. it’s no wonder people tend to be so judgemental when presented with this kind of thing.

  • Carol Noel

    Matts wife dun look ordinary to me with all that dark hair and great looks….and it St. Lucia BTW.

  • Bill Ferencz

    Married ordinary people? What are actors? Fish?

  • Scott Banks

    Had to wait all the way to the end to get the special surprise of homosexual propaganda. I should have seen it coming…

    • jjswin

      Propoganda?! What planet are you living on? Gosh, an article that reflects the world we live in? Goodness…

    • Lex

      So sorry that the only couple in this list that had to fight for their love threatens the sanctity of all these affair ridden fourth marriages.

      You are the worst kind of person… take your intolerant propaganda of hate and keep it to yourself.

  • Steve Currie

    This is really too funny!
    What constitues an ordinary person….a non celebrity.
    For an example…ask Matt Damon if he thinks his wife is ordinary.
    Are you suggesting he may have picked from the bottom of the barrel.
    Sure appears that way.
    In a nutshell…these so called ordinary people could be brighter, kinder, more creative and OMG yes…..possibly even a better actor should they wish to be.

  • JJ Joseph

    I’m really surprised to see that one or two of these celebs have only been married once and actually have several real children!

  • jayjay

    Define “ordinary people”

  • Brown

    I agree James .. I think of it this way, the extraordinary super special amazing larger than life icons built there empire on the world deadliest fault line, when the big one hits we will see how amazing they really are. Not all that bright for a star

  • Max Glazer

    Forgotten Nicolas Cage and his Korean wife

  • Helena Beck

    ordinary people my aunt fanny!!!! every one of these people were either beautiful or beautiful and well connected not to mention the skanks who were already hitched or in a relationship…. come back when the headline reads stars who married ordinary looking people in ordinary jobs connected to no one and in a relationship with no one else..

  • tomite

    ‘Ordinary People’… ugh!

  • haeleyd

    Wow, there are so many mistakes in this! I cant believe someone out there is getting paid to say that Tina Fey has only one child (she has 2) and that Jeff Bridges is apparently female and a waitress. And that is ONLY what I noticed. Is the writing outsourced to child labor in China?

  • Random

    Iron helps us play

  • Dan Larrivee

    There is no such thing as ordinary people, we were all created unique and beautifully made.

  • ffs

    In the case of Conan, it should be celebrities who married people who kind of look like themselves.

  • Suzanne Delorme

    Guess what…actors are no different than ordinary people…the fame is BS and doesn’t last that long anyways LOL

  • Diane Turner

    Even Celebs’ were Ordinary people once 🙂

  • mysaug

    Some of those woman look like they REALLY make their husbands happy !

  • AMH4

    We’re all extraordinary!

  • atticus2


  • nicmart

    I married an ordinary person, and I can tell it is a huge mistake.

  • monicadeangelis

    These are all ordinary people, escept that some are dirtbags.

  • Lord Shiva

    It exposes the human side of these great people!

  • llgertz

    I’m sorry…since when is the daughter of the Prez of Universal Studios “ordinary people?” I’m ordinary people. Marry me. haha!

  • seechellez

    First off, majority of these “ordinary” people don’t have “ordinary jobs or connections! Music producers, daughters of NYC theatre moguls, cowriters on shows, talent agents…. come on! It’s not like they bumped into each other at the store and hit it off. This gave me no hope that I could actually marry Johnny Depp (LOL) unless I know someone who knows someone who knows someone.

  • Michael Kozubski

    1st celebrities are ordinary people, they are not GODs. 2nd I don’t find half these people “ordinary” half are just as rich if not more so then the celebrity they married with he exception of a few. Whe your father is president of Universal studios, you are not ordinary. when your friends are among the 1% you are not ordinary, since when did being in a movie or on TV make you better then everyone..even he extremely rich..if some of these women married bill gates..would he be ordinary because he is not a TV/movie?music star?

  • Michael Kozubski

    Geston initially said no to Bridges, but after some romantic gestures
    (including several dances at the film’s wrap party), Bridges agreed to a

    Um I think you mean Geston agreed.

  • colin1123

    LOL. People are complaining about celebs being way over paid and having to much attention lavished on them. Are you kidding me? It is “ordinary” people who make them famous and over paid. Stop partaking in the entertainment industry then. Good luck with that.

    I personally like entertainment and it is as necessary as milkmen or construction workers. This isn’t suggesting it is better then other jobs but it is just as necessary for our sanity. On another note being a lead in film or television is hard work. Expect to work 14 hour days in the film industry and be away from family and friends for long periods of time.

  • Larry

    I read the headline and was really curious who these “ordinary” people were. I guess ordinary includes movie star managers and company PR executives. And how many ordinary people have the same chance as a cameraman of meeting a star?

  • elizabeth wesley

    Celebrities are ordinary too as far as I’m concerned.

  • Tim Laughlin

    an ordinary person as they term it is far from the truth. A person is unique, life is unique.

  • Ben Thornton

    Their pay compensates them for being chased around constantly and having no personal life, it’s a 24/7 job. Why is this? Because we “ordinary” people need to read articles like this. It’s a vicious circle.

  • Mike Hunt

    Geez – in half of these couples I wasn’t sure who the famous one was.

  • Astrogal

    Sorry but most of these people aren’t “ordinary” at all, in fact very few are. Many of them who married celebrities were already connected to show business, be it writers, producers, cameramen, makeup artists, etc. In fact huge kudos to Matt Damon for marrying a bartender and single mother, really one of the most “ordinary” people on here. Just like when they say a member of royalty has married a “commoner” – true, they may not be royalty but they are still members of the nobility, or rich or famous otherwise. Just like a Princess of Sweden who married a “fitness instructor” but who also happens to be the owner of a chain of gyms. What would be truly impressive is if they married the maid or the butler! Come to think of it, there is a Scandinavian Prince who did marry a single mother waitress a la Matt Damon, but these are true rarities. The rest of us working stiffs can never hope to really marry a celebrity or a royal.

  • FJ doreza

    I used to live in LA and even though I met many actors, I have never fawned over them like other idiots. DiCaprio, the Wayans and a few other “famous” people were at a gallery opening that I was a part of..as long as you don’t treat them any different than anyone else and don’t feed their ego then things will go just fine…But for this twat to call others ordinary just because their face isn’t on a giant screen is fucking retarded and pathetic.

  • Vicki Dorre

    not a very nice headline next time rethink it

  • dudefromdixie

    Not ordinary in terms of east Tennessee standards. Most cheated on their prior spouses, one is a gay couple (only god knows how they conceived a child). Definitely not normal in my book.

  • mtc

    “Ordinary”? You bootlicking Hollywood monkey worshipers. The accurate word is “NORMAL”. The Weather Channel staff is some of the stupidest, dimwitted shallow sheep in the Universe.

  • Lex

    To: All the people offended by the lesbians.

    We are so terribly sorry that our love and commitment to our same sex partners threatens the sanctity of your affair ridden fourth marriages.

    We know that marriage is a sacred bond between two loving people, and we are sorry that we love each other so strongly we would fight to obtain the right to marry who we love. We tried to hide in the shadows, but just as ethnic people, and left handed people.. we had to come out of the shadows eventually.

    We apologize so very deeply and sincerely for hurting you, your second wife, your children from previous spouses, and your mistress.

    Sincerely: Homosexuals everywhere.

  • baobabs

    Aren’t we all “ordinary” ?

  • John

    ridiculous. these spouses of the rich and famous are certainly not what i would call ‘normal’ – nearly all would be very wealthy in the first place, just check out some of their job titles. These people are all very well connected and obviously hang around in elite hollywood circles.

    In my mind if someone went to a gas station and ended up marrying the attendant thats what i would call a normal person, or someone who worked in an normal 9-5 office job. more media drivel.

  • Tracey Hick

    Why am I reading this???? so time wasting…..

  • Chrysoprase

    I feel quite sure that Matt Damon is a really nice guy. And very normal. That’s part of his stardom. His Bourne series is the most watchable stuff ever. Because of Matt.

  • Love Music

    They missed out Nicolas cage and his wife, who was a waitress.