20 Celebrities Who Married Ordinary People

Photo credit:   Gettyimages

Photo credit: Gettyimages

What with the tabloid weddings, familiar faces constantly getting together and breaking up, and the internet going wild with rumors about celebs we love loving each other, it can seem like the Hollywood dating scene is a closed circuit where only card-carrying members are allowed in.

But we know of at least fifteen celebrities who ditched the red carpet and married someone from the outside. Here they are…

1) Matt Damon & Luciana Barroso

While filming Stuck on You in 2003, Damon wandered into a Miami Beach bar where Luciana was working as a bartender. He hid behind the bar in order to escape the paparazzi and that’s where Luciana found him.

Two years later (on September 5, 2005), he gave her the classic and elegant platinum ring she wears to this day. The couple got married in a small, private, city hall ceremony in December 2005. They’ve been going strong ever since!

They have three children together (Isabella, Gia Zavala, and Stella Zavala) and are also raising Luciana’s daughter from a former marriage, Alexia. They have kept their romance strong with a “two-week rule”; Matt isn’t allowed to be away for more than two weeks at a time.

It must be working since he frequently gushes to reporters about his wife being his soul mate. Last year, the couple renewed their vows in San Lucia in a sunset ceremony.

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  1. “CELEBRITIES”!?? What makes them so “CELEBRATED”?
    As to stoop low enough to marry “ORDINARY ” people?
    I`ve said it before and I shall say it again. IT IS ONLY THE SAD AND OR LONELY peoplE of this World who make these so called celebrities celebrities.

  2. What are you suggesting that an actor is an extra ordinary person? Did they discover the cure for cancer? Did they save a life? This is ridiculous!

  3. Isn’t it cute how they just dumped their spouses for their new “loves”? Most disgusting is Sklar.

  4. give me a break. what gives you the right to classify someone as ordinary? the person you fall in love with is an extraordinary person in your eyes. it’s no wonder people tend to be so judgemental when presented with this kind of thing.

  5. Had to wait all the way to the end to get the special surprise of homosexual propaganda. I should have seen it coming…

    • So sorry that the only couple in this list that had to fight for their love threatens the sanctity of all these affair ridden fourth marriages.

      You are the worst kind of person… take your intolerant propaganda of hate and keep it to yourself.

  6. This is really too funny!
    What constitues an ordinary person….a non celebrity.
    For an example…ask Matt Damon if he thinks his wife is ordinary.
    Are you suggesting he may have picked from the bottom of the barrel.
    Sure appears that way.
    In a nutshell…these so called ordinary people could be brighter, kinder, more creative and OMG yes…..possibly even a better actor should they wish to be.

  7. I’m really surprised to see that one or two of these celebs have only been married once and actually have several real children!

  8. I agree James .. I think of it this way, the extraordinary super special amazing larger than life icons built there empire on the world deadliest fault line, when the big one hits we will see how amazing they really are. Not all that bright for a star

  9. ordinary people my aunt fanny!!!! every one of these people were either beautiful or beautiful and well connected not to mention the skanks who were already hitched or in a relationship…. come back when the headline reads stars who married ordinary looking people in ordinary jobs connected to no one and in a relationship with no one else..

  10. Wow, there are so many mistakes in this! I cant believe someone out there is getting paid to say that Tina Fey has only one child (she has 2) and that Jeff Bridges is apparently female and a waitress. And that is ONLY what I noticed. Is the writing outsourced to child labor in China?

  11. Guess what…actors are no different than ordinary people…the fame is BS and doesn’t last that long anyways LOL

  12. I’m sorry…since when is the daughter of the Prez of Universal Studios “ordinary people?” I’m ordinary people. Marry me. haha!

  13. First off, majority of these “ordinary” people don’t have “ordinary jobs or connections! Music producers, daughters of NYC theatre moguls, cowriters on shows, talent agents…. come on! It’s not like they bumped into each other at the store and hit it off. This gave me no hope that I could actually marry Johnny Depp (LOL) unless I know someone who knows someone who knows someone.

  14. 1st celebrities are ordinary people, they are not GODs. 2nd I don’t find half these people “ordinary” half are just as rich if not more so then the celebrity they married with he exception of a few. Whe your father is president of Universal studios, you are not ordinary. when your friends are among the 1% you are not ordinary, since when did being in a movie or on TV make you better then everyone..even he extremely rich..if some of these women married bill gates..would he be ordinary because he is not a TV/movie?music star?

  15. Geston initially said no to Bridges, but after some romantic gestures
    (including several dances at the film’s wrap party), Bridges agreed to a

    Um I think you mean Geston agreed.

  16. LOL. People are complaining about celebs being way over paid and having to much attention lavished on them. Are you kidding me? It is “ordinary” people who make them famous and over paid. Stop partaking in the entertainment industry then. Good luck with that.

    I personally like entertainment and it is as necessary as milkmen or construction workers. This isn’t suggesting it is better then other jobs but it is just as necessary for our sanity. On another note being a lead in film or television is hard work. Expect to work 14 hour days in the film industry and be away from family and friends for long periods of time.

  17. I read the headline and was really curious who these “ordinary” people were. I guess ordinary includes movie star managers and company PR executives. And how many ordinary people have the same chance as a cameraman of meeting a star?

  18. Their pay compensates them for being chased around constantly and having no personal life, it’s a 24/7 job. Why is this? Because we “ordinary” people need to read articles like this. It’s a vicious circle.

  19. Sorry but most of these people aren’t “ordinary” at all, in fact very few are. Many of them who married celebrities were already connected to show business, be it writers, producers, cameramen, makeup artists, etc. In fact huge kudos to Matt Damon for marrying a bartender and single mother, really one of the most “ordinary” people on here. Just like when they say a member of royalty has married a “commoner” – true, they may not be royalty but they are still members of the nobility, or rich or famous otherwise. Just like a Princess of Sweden who married a “fitness instructor” but who also happens to be the owner of a chain of gyms. What would be truly impressive is if they married the maid or the butler! Come to think of it, there is a Scandinavian Prince who did marry a single mother waitress a la Matt Damon, but these are true rarities. The rest of us working stiffs can never hope to really marry a celebrity or a royal.

  20. I used to live in LA and even though I met many actors, I have never fawned over them like other idiots. DiCaprio, the Wayans and a few other “famous” people were at a gallery opening that I was a part of..as long as you don’t treat them any different than anyone else and don’t feed their ego then things will go just fine…But for this twat to call others ordinary just because their face isn’t on a giant screen is fucking retarded and pathetic.

  21. Not ordinary in terms of east Tennessee standards. Most cheated on their prior spouses, one is a gay couple (only god knows how they conceived a child). Definitely not normal in my book.

  22. “Ordinary”? You bootlicking Hollywood monkey worshipers. The accurate word is “NORMAL”. The Weather Channel staff is some of the stupidest, dimwitted shallow sheep in the Universe.

  23. To: All the people offended by the lesbians.

    We are so terribly sorry that our love and commitment to our same sex partners threatens the sanctity of your affair ridden fourth marriages.

    We know that marriage is a sacred bond between two loving people, and we are sorry that we love each other so strongly we would fight to obtain the right to marry who we love. We tried to hide in the shadows, but just as ethnic people, and left handed people.. we had to come out of the shadows eventually.

    We apologize so very deeply and sincerely for hurting you, your second wife, your children from previous spouses, and your mistress.

    Sincerely: Homosexuals everywhere.

  24. ridiculous. these spouses of the rich and famous are certainly not what i would call ‘normal’ – nearly all would be very wealthy in the first place, just check out some of their job titles. These people are all very well connected and obviously hang around in elite hollywood circles.

    In my mind if someone went to a gas station and ended up marrying the attendant thats what i would call a normal person, or someone who worked in an normal 9-5 office job. more media drivel.

  25. I feel quite sure that Matt Damon is a really nice guy. And very normal. That’s part of his stardom. His Bourne series is the most watchable stuff ever. Because of Matt.

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